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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: January 13, 2014
Taken: 116 times
Rated: PG

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Are You And I Alike? [2.0]

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 116 times on Bzoink
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You can write true/false, yes/no, elaborate, or whatever you'd like =]
You're kind of a loner
You actually like the way you look usually
You're afraid to put your head underwater
You almost drowned once
You have an older brother
Your brother is somewhat famous
You have a cat
You have a hamster
You're extremely shy
You hate all sports
You don't have a best friend these days
You drink soda at least once a day
You've been in a relationship for 4+ years
You're in love
You've kissed eight people in your lifetime
You've had six boyfriends/girlfriends in your lifetime
You watch a lot of shows on Netflix
You only read fiction/fantasy books
You're addicted to the Sims 3
You have at least two Sims expansions
You also love music games like Rocksmith, Rock Band, and Singstar
You actually enjoy playing games like WoW and LoL
You don't live with your parents
You love Johnny Depp
You've never asked anyone out
You can touch your nose with your tongue
You can kick the back of your head
Your favorite foods are Italian and Greek food
You also love Indian food lately
You've been to other countries
You've been on another continent
You have a very busy schedule all the time
You rarely get to hangout with people
You're in a band
You've hungout with bands before
You love concerts
You love alternative rock
You also love electronic/dubstep
You've been driving for at least a year
You have your own car
Your house is always messy
You watch anime every now and then
Your favorite TV show is Vampire Diaries
You also love American Horror Story and The Walking Dead
You're in college
You're not a teenager anymore
You are good at drawing
You procrastinate a lot
You're afraid of throwing up
You've never cut yourself/self harmed
Your biggest fear is death
You're not a picky eater at all
You love food
You love sleep
You're not really into partying
You hate alcohol
You dye your hair an unnatural color
You have green eyes
You wear makeup daily
You absolutely love having new clothes
You wear glasses occasionally
You never wear contacts
You had braces when you were younger
Your grades aren't as good as you'd like them to be
You are a music major
You used to love myspace
You now love facebook, and go on it everyday
You also love Instagram and use that everyday
You have a Tumblr
You hate Twitter and find it pointless
You've had all your wisdom teeth pulled
Your parent has cancer
Your other parent is bipolar
Your parents are still together, but fight a lot
You've moved across the country
You live in the USA
You live near the west coast
You have a job
You're a cashier/barista
You'd like to find a new/better job
You're afraid to kiss your significant other in front of your parents
You love Halloween and dressing up
You take quite a few selfies
You have nor piercings or tattoos
You really want tattoos
You want to get married in the next five years
Your want to have kids in the next ten years
Your consider your significant other's family to be your family
You have a very slight accent
You're very pale
You're of Russian descent
You are Jewish
You're a really good singer
You play piano
You play flute
You can't dance
You've never slow danced
Your high school prom sucked
You're really good at spelling
You're pretty bad at math
You hate chemistry
You're pretty good with languages
You can speak 3+ languages, but just one fluently
You are pro-choice
You want gay marriage legalized
You're straight
You want marijuana legalized in all states
You wish alcohol was illegal
You wish you had bigger boobs
You're very petite
You are 5'5"
You weigh 105 pounds or less
You live with your significant other
You live in an apartment
Your significant other makes much more money than you
You believe in God
You pray daily
Your first kiss was terrible
You smoke weed sometimes
You've smoked hookah before
You've never smoked a cigarette and don't plan to
You've never done any real drugs and don't plan to
You love romantic comedies
You love musicals
You've been in musicals
You only have two living grandparents
You also have a step-grandparent
You have six first cousins
You can never seem to find matching socks
You love chocolate
You try to be optomistic
You get depressed sometimes
You're really self-conscious
You've dated people before that you haven't even liked
You've had 2+ serious relationships
You've had sex with two people in your lifetime
Your hair won't seem to grow anymore
You straighten your hair too much
Your nails are always shorter than you'd like
You've been to both Disneyland and Disneyworld
You've been to Universal Studios
You've been to the Harry Potter World
You never get super drunk
You love wearing studs
You love wearing lace
You love wearing animal prints
Your favorite colors are aqua, purple, and black
You're not a virgin
We're alike