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Author: livelaughlove05
Created: November 30, 2013
Taken: 328 times
Rated: G

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Have you done ________ this year?

Created by livelaughlove05 and taken 328 times on Bzoink
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Made out with someone
Gone on an airplane
Wished on a shooting star
Broken a promise
Slept all day
Made new friends
Driven somewhere alone
Took a road trip
Fell in love
Fell out of love
Been overdramatic
Watched a scary movie
Dressed up for Halloween
Sang karaoke
Slow danced with someone
Stayed in the hospital
Had surgery
Painted your nails black
Got a new pet
Listened to Christmas music....before November
Gave a presentation
Been to Sea World
Played Tetris
Pretended to be fine
Laughed at something that wasn't funny
Played with little kids
Apologized for something you didn't do
Argued with a family member other than your parents
Went in a store just to try on clothes
Hiked a mountain
Rode a roller coaster
Cussed someone out
Watched something on TLC
Faked sick
Went to the dollar theater
Forgot someone's birthday
Watched a flash mob
Been in a flash mob
Listened to One Direction
Went to a haunted house
Went skydiving
Smelled sharpies
Baked something that turned out bad
Fell asleep in the middle of the day
Wore a watch
Got a new phone
Thought you were funny when no one else did
Flew a kite
Wore a swimsuit
Stayed at a hotel
Played pool
Wore boots
Saw a play
Acted in a play
Listened to music in another language
Ate food from a different culture
Went to camp
Went a day without eating
Played a sport
Drank coffee
Pretended you had an accent
Went to England and made faces at the guards at Buckingham Palace
Wouldn't shut up
Been to the library to study
Changed an old habit
Had someone you know die
Know someone who had a child
Sang in a concert
Played in a concert
Watched an old movie
Had a dream you remember
Went to college
Went to church
Looked at antiques
Went on a shopping spree
Wrote a paper
Spent all day on the computer
Bought something too expensive but you wanted it anyway
Had a photoshoot
Swam in the ocean
Rented a movie
Danced in public
Rode a horse
Broke a phone
Rearranged everything in your room
Not cared about anything
Played a board game
Played video games
Used crutches
Sold old clothes
Got really sick
Used a cheesy pickup line
Been on a zipline
Fell on your face
Pulled a prank on someone
Played charades
Paid more attention to the clock than the teacher
Went to church
Made a survey on here :P