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About This Survey

Author: cheddarsox
Created: November 27, 2013
Taken: 26 times
Rated: PG

When Purple Colored Curtains Mark the End of Day...

Created by cheddarsox and taken 26 times on Bzoink
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person most likely to...out of your regular cast of characters
tell you off
call you for bail
paint your nails for you
go shoe shoppign with you
ask you to keep a secret
give you an awesome birthday gift
text you 100 times a day
embarrass you
give you cash
criticize you to your face
give you a hug
share their snacks
sing with you
borrow something from you
A little bit of this or that....
shoes with heels or flats
pizza cut in squares or wedges
tacos..hard or soft shell
gifts wrapped or in a gift bag
finish big assignment ahead of time or at last minute
in a car..driver or passenger
men shaved or with a beard
staples or paper clips
electric or regular toothbrush
dark or milk chocolate
nuts or no nuts
hat or ear muffs
hood or no hood
mittens or gloves
A little bit about you...what is your
favorite food that comes in a jar
thing you misplace the most often
pet's favorite treat
most hated chore
favorite Christmas cookie
brand of lap top
default ringtone
Do you? inquiring minds want to know...do you
iron clothes
shop at thrift stores
take vitamins
"dance" in the car
buy magazines
have plants in your room
like to annoy people
use dryer sheets
eat meat
talk to your pet
change your profile pic more than once a month
have a secret code with anyone
like to hold babies
growl when you are angry
chew gum
do more than 3 surveys a week?
thanks for doing THIS survey!