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Author: livelaughlove05
Created: October 3, 2013
Taken: 193 times
Rated: G

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Are we alike??

Created by livelaughlove05 and taken 193 times on Bzoink
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Here we go! :D:D
You have brown hair.
You straighten your hair a lot.
You have green eyes.
You wear glasses.
You love going to the movies.
You love baseball.
You love Les Miserables
You read for fun.
You've read a classic book for fun.
You've read The Outsiders.
You hate math.
You want to go to Italy someday.
You have been out of the country.
One of your best friends is of the opposite sex.
You can't skateboard.
You have a friend that's gay.
You're addicted to tumblr.
You think MySpace is overrated.
You like history.
You hate research papers.
You like acting and/or singing.
You want to go into medicine.
You hate chemistry but love biology.
You like to ice skate but aren't that good.
You like hockey.
You hate football.
You like(d) school.
You're easily frustrated.
You're annoyed by know-it-alls.
You're a night person.
You participate(d)in a sport/extracurricular in high school.
You have performed in a play
You do not play an instrument.
You are a dog person, not a cat person.
You have a big family.
You try to stay out of drama, not cause it.
You're crazy around your friends but quiet around people you don't know.
You're usually polite.
You've been lied to a lot.
You've had your trust broken.
You've been hurt.
You've gone/go to church.
You've never drank alcohol.
You've never smoked.
You've never done drugs.
You should be doing something else right now.
You want to go to sleep.
You love sleep.
You love pizza.
You hate seafood.
You dislike over dramatic people/attention seekers.
You dislike disrespectful people.
You tend to argue with people.
You've been in the emergency room/hospital before
You've failed a test.
You've copied homework.
You've done something stupid and regretted it later.
You've done something wrong and never got caught.
You've taken a foreign language class.
You're fluent in more than one language.
You've been in a relationship.
You've been in one of those junior high relationships that last a day.
You love helping others.
You have a bad relationship with your siblings.
You have an ok relationship with your mom.
You have a bad relationship with your dad.
You have contemplated running away.
You have cried in a movie.
You have cried in a song.
You aren't super emotional.
Your friends mean everything to you.
You've pushed away the person that cared the most.
You think the progressive commercials are getting lame.
You like the movie She's the Man.
You're afraid to speed.
You love NASCAR.
You have taken an honors class.
You like science.
You wish to be somewhere else right now.
You're tired.
You're sick.
You've gone to prom.
You've gone to a high school football game.
You've gone to another high school game.
You've gone to at least 2 schools.
You love traveling.
You prefer flying over driving.
You know someone that's a pilot.
You know someone who's been adopted.
You love Imagine Dragons.
You've been hit on by someone younger than you.
You've been hit on by someone younger than you.
You're bored.
You love roller coasters.
You've been to Disneyland/Disneyworld.
You love Disney movies.
You like The Lion King.
Belle is your favorite Disney princess.
Nutella is amazing.
You know someone named Sidney.
You know someone who's addicted to sports.
You watch crime shows on TV.
You've been to Europe.
You sometimes want to change the past.
You like Back to the Future.
You think Miley Cyrus is messed up.
You try to think positive all the time.
You agree that Asians are smarter than White people.
You have worked in a family business.
You have babysat.
You have tutored someone.
You've been in marching band.
You've sung at a professional sports event.
You've gotten a happy meal past the age limit.
You hate bugs.
You have a philosophical friend.
You have a friend who thinks he/she is perfect.
You've never gotten in trouble at school.
You text a lot.