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Author: kezzievanescence
Created: September 4, 2013
Taken: 307 times
Rated: G

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This or that?

Created by kezzievanescence and taken 307 times on Bzoink
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Evanescence or Avenged Sevenfold?
Within Temptation or Halestorm?
Dragon Force or The Used?
Rammstein or My Chemical Romance?
Fall Out Boy or Kittie?
Iron Madien or Metallica?
Slipknot or Drowning Pool?
Pink or Purple?
Red or Yellow?
Blue or Green?
Silver or Gold?
Black or White?
Orange or Brown?
White or Grey?
Love or Hate?
Hot or Cold?
Warm or Cool?
Chocolate or Candy?
Movies or TV?
Computer or Reading?
Indoors or Outdoors?
Sun or Rain?
Hail or Snow?
Lemon or Lime?
Happy or Sad?
Sing or Dance?
Day or Night?
Android or Iphone?
Vampire or Werewolf?
Facebook or Twitter?
4od or Iplayer
Doritos or Quavers?
Tic Tacs or Bubblegum?
Sneakers or Heels?
Band or Group?
Autumn or Winter?
Spring or Summer?
January or February?
March or April?
May or June?
July or August?
September or October?
November or December?
Christmas or Easter?
Weekday or Weekend?
Socks or Shoes?
CD or Itunes?
Headphones or Earphones?
Ice or Fire?
Samsung or Nokia?
Motorola or Sony?
A or B?
C or D?
E or F?
G or H?
I or J?
K or L?
M or N?
O or P?
Q or R?
S or T?
U or V?
W or X?
Y or Z?
Numbers or Lettters?
Math or Science?
Cupcakes or Muffins?
Cheesecake or Normal cake?
DVDs or Netflix?
Wii or Xbox?
Platstation or DS?
Light or Dark?
Metal or Screamo?
Punk or Rock?
Pop or Classical?
Rap or Country?
Japan or China?
England or America?
Spain or France?
Italy or Germany?
Pasta or Pizza?
Bread or Doughnut?
Paris or New York?
Tokyo or London?
Smile or Frown?
Cookie or Brownie?
Rice or Noodles?
Avril Lavigne or P!nk?
Amy Lee or Christina Aguilera?
M.Shadows or Synyster Gates?