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Author: asdfghjklasdfghjkl
Created: August 30, 2013
Taken: 89 times
Rated: G

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Equestrian this or that

Created by asdfghjklasdfghjkl and taken 89 times on Bzoink
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Bay or grey?
Bay or chestnut?
Dun/buckskin or palomino?
Overo or tobiano?
Warmblood or thoroughbred?
Heavy or lightweight?
Hunter or jumpers?
Jodhpurs or breeches?
Hack/trail or lesson?
Jumping or dressage?
Eventing or show jumping?
Horse or pony?
Saddle pad or numnah?
Gloves or no gloves?
Chap and paddock boots or tall boots?
Bareback or tackless?
Green horse or experienced horse?
Blaze or star?
Markings or no markings?
Long mane or short mane?
Mane or hogged mane?
Charles Owen or GPA?
Mare or gelding?
Sport or pleasure riding?
Packet treats or apples/carrots etc.
Brown or black tack?
Paddock or stable?
18hh or 13hh?
Looks or talent (horse)?
Looks or nature (horse)?
Talent or nature (horse)?
Walk or trot?
Trot or canter?
Canter or gallop?
Peaceful hack/trail or flat out gallop?
Dish or roman nose?
Liver chestnut or flaxen chestnut?
Synthetic or leather tack?
Boots or no boots (horse)?
Badminton horse trials or Kentucky horse trials?
Pony Club or not pony club?
Private or public stables?
Lease or own?
Buck or rear?
Shires or Horseware (UK)
Tailored Sportsman or Kerrits? (US)
Mucking out or grooming?
Plaits or no plaits (horse)?
Dapple grey or pure white?
Bright bay or dark bay?
Apple or carrot?
Bit or no bit?
£1000/$1500 horse or £50,000/£75,000 horse?
Lively/forward going horse or lazy horse?
Challenging horse or push button horse?
Buy for brand name or quality?
Showing or not showing?
Huge, important show or small, local show?
Watch or compete?
Trailer or lorry?