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Author: italianradio97
Created: June 1, 2013
Taken: 124 times
Rated: PG

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Are We Alike

Created by italianradio97 and taken 124 times on Bzoink
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You have two older brothers
Your mother is terminally ill
Your father died of a drug overdose, alcohol poisoning or heart attack
Some members of your family don't talk to each other
You don't talk to some members of your family
Your family is of Southern roots
You have Welsh heritage
You have Scottish heritage
You have Irish heritage
You have German heritage
You have Native American heritage
You have Jewish heritage
You have Scandinavian heritage
You consider the majority of your friends to be like family
You only ever get to see your extended family on holidays
Some of your family lives out of state or out of country
Most of your family is very religious
You don't know your dad's side of the family that well
Only one of your grandparents is still alive
You've met most of your friends through mutual friends
You still communicate with your first boyfriend/girlfriend
You've recently just lost a best friend
You have friends that live in England
You have friends that you consider to be your brother/sister(s)
You have more than one best friend
There was a time when you didn't speak to your best friend
Your best friend's house is a home away from home
Your best friend's mother is like a second mom to you
Your best friend is a girl
You're still friends with people that you know from preschool
You've been friends with one of your buddies for more than 8 years
You have friends that are gender queer
You have friends that are bisexual, gay or questioning
The longest relationship you've been in lasted for almost 2 years
You've been in a long distance relationship before
You've had a friend with benefits before
You've had your heart broken
You've broken somebody else's heart
You have dated someone only because you felt bad for them
You've dated one of your friends before
You have been stood up on a date
You have stood somebody up before
Your first real relationship was in the sixth grade
You have been sexually assaulted by one of your past partners
You are maybe a bit too blunt when it comes to asking people out
You have major trust issues
Your name starst with an O
You go by a nickname more than your actual name
You are on the cusp of Aries and Taurus
You read for fun
You write a lot of poetry
Your favorite school subject is biology, world religion or English
You love the TV show Vikings
You love vikings anything
You're not part of any religion at the moment
Your favorite color is red
You own one or several Apple products
You have bad insomnia
You take medicine for it
You have been diagnosed with depression
You have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder
You have been diagnosed with anorexia
You now are working on loving your body completely
And you have a healthier relationship with food
You're not embarrassed to say you watch porn
Your grade point average is 4.0
You are still in high school
You try your honest best to stay away from alcohol & drugs
Your favorite genre of music is alternative rock
Your favorite band is Blue October
Your favorite singer is Rob Zombie
You enjoy looking at gore
Your guilty pleasure is watching grown men cry
You used to self-harm but are in recovery as of right now
Green tea is your favorite kind of beverage
You think Looking for Alaska is a little overrated
You plan to get a lot of tattoos when you're older
You love handling children but don't want any of your own
Sushi makes you gag
Greek cuisine is your favorite kind of food
You own a cat
You have/had toads or frogs as pets before
You also have had beta fish too
You have a Tumblr
Louis CK is your favorite comedian
Peanut butter makes you sick to your stomach
Activia is the only yogurt you can eat
You are lactose intolerant
But you still indulge in ice cream
You dye your hair frequently