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Author: lilprincess
Created: May 19, 2013
Taken: 90 times
Rated: G


Created by lilprincess and taken 90 times on Bzoink
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View Current Survey Results

What weekday do you 'feel' the most?
Describe your exact mood.
Which 'A-list' celebrity annoys you the most?
Do you believe marijuana should be nationally legalized?
What media source do you get most of your news from?
Which 20th century decade fascinates you the most?
Who's your favorite action movie superhero?
What's your favorite movie genre out of these?
What do you think is the main cause of most wars & turmoil?
Do you believe life is easier now than it was 10 years ago?
Besides Bzoink, you also have personal accounts for:
What topographic area would your dream house be located?
Pick your favorite modern live sitcom of all these.
What's your favorite dog breed of these?
If you could own an exotic pet, what would it be?
Who's your favorite A- list actor (living) of all these?
Who's your favorite A-list actress (living) of all these?
You were born in:
What foreign language is most appealing to you?
Describe your favorite food flavor
For which disease do you think scientists will find a cure first?
Name your favorite movie that came out in 1985
Descibe your religious beliefs.
What foreign country would you love to travel next?
Describe your favorite type of shoes.
You participate(d) in these following high school sports
Would you rather date someone smart but ugly, or good looking but dumb?
Which of these would you rather eat for one month straight?
Would you rather adopt:
You often use big words in conversation, actually knowing what they mean