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Author: emmyrae
Created: April 23, 2013
Taken: 73 times
Rated: G

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my first survey. whoop whoop

Created by emmyrae and taken 73 times on Bzoink
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this is my first survey. be kind. thanks a bunch (:
helloooo. what's your name?
do you live in or near new york?
what do you like to do on a saturday?
what animal would you love to have as a pet?
ohh sorry, are you female or male?
if you're female, what's your favorite accessory?
if you're male, what's your favorite thing about a girl? be honest.
have you ever been to a concert?
if so, which ones?
how old are you?
when's your birthday?
happy belated or early birthday (;
what's your favorite vacation spot?
are you married, in a relationship or single?
do you have kids?
would you ever want to have kids?
have you ever tasted alcohol?
smoked cigarettes, cigars or weed?
are you adventurous?
where would you love to travel to?
how many siblings do you have, if any?
do you ever catch yourself talking to yourself?
what's something you're not so proud of?
what's something you are proud of?
any upcoming events you're exciting about?
what's one of your favorite bands?
how about book?
thanks for taking my first survey! hope it didn't suck (:
rate and save please! have a good day (: