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Author: littlekittykatx
Created: March 30, 2013
Taken: 115 times
Rated: G

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We are Wallflowers (An Interesting Survey for the Outcasts)

Created by littlekittykatx and taken 115 times on Bzoink
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Hi lovely! What kind of music gener do you like?
Top four favorite bands at the moment?
How many piercings do you have, if any?
Is your hair dyed? If so, what color?
What the band you own most songs from?
What subject in school do you enjoy most?
Do you go to Warped Tour, or any music festivals during the summer?
Are you addicted to concerts, also? :3
What are your coping skills on bad days?
Do you currently have any tattoos? If so, where and how bad did it hurt?
What tattoo(s) would you like to get in the future, if any?
Hayley Williams, Tay Jardine, or Jenna McDougall? c:
Do you smoke? If so, what do you smoke, and how often?
Favorite song at this moment? (I know, it always changes)
What color are your nails painted?
Do you support TWLOHA?
There's a coloring book in front of you. Will you color with me? c:
If you have one, what's your Tumblr? I'll follow you. c:
Pierce the Veil, or Sleeping With Sirens? (I know, this is hard to choose)
Do you like growing out your hair?
Favorite store for band merch?
Shy Snail, or Social Butterfly?
Do your socks match? ..Mine don't.
Do you like rain storms? Why? <3
Dream vacation?
What's your current favorite outfit? c:
Sexual orientation?
Any fears? (One of my biggest.. Spiders) :c
Ever make blanket forts when you were little?
Vans, Converse, or Toms?
Coffee, cocoa, tea? You like those? c:
Did you have any interesting dreams last night?
:) smilies, or c: smilies?
Can you not stand your school, either? -__-
it's raining, and you're bored. Jump in the puddles with me?
Do you have a bucket list?
Swing set! Run to the nearest swing, or keep walking?
Sunrise, or sunset?
Would you ever make dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner?
Are you sleepy, at the moment? -o-
Art, or writing?
Would you ever attend a rave?
Does your tummy get sick easily?
Have you ever owned a goldfish named Bubbles, Fishie, Swimmy, or Goldy?
All Done! Good job. ^3^ Thank you, deary. Did you like this survey?