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Author: b-line29
Created: February 17, 2013
Taken: 105 times
Rated: G

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I Ain't a Soldier, but I'm Here to Take a Stand Because We Can! (are we alike)

Created by b-line29 and taken 105 times on Bzoink
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You Gotta love Em, They're Family <3
Your sibling is your bestie
Because you can trust her with your life
And she's the only person u really trust
You have more then 3 siblings
And are close with them
You have a baby brother (4 or younger)
And 3 of your siblings have moved out
You're a multiple (twin, triplet etc)
Your real dad isn't in your life
You don't think about it much bc u don't consider him ur real dad.
The person you consider your real dad, you're still not super close with
But you're close with your mom
You'd prefer to be with family than friends
Because you know they're the ones who will always be there
You have at least 1 cat
And at least 1 dog
You love them a lot
You miss your family when you're at school/work
It's my life, it's now or never, i ain't gonna live forever
You're 17
You're naturally a brunette
You naturally have blue eyes (without contacts lol)
You're a member of a gym
And your sister is in love with the personal trainer (most of u will say no
You love working out, although you're very sore afterwards
You love food
Especially chicken
But you eat very healthy
You barely watch TV
But when you do it's wrestling
You didn't even watch the superbowl
You love to write stories, poems, etc
You like to sing
But don't think you're good
Although almost EVERYONE says you are
You're a directioner
And love Justin Timberlake
Hate Taylor Swift
and don't care about her love life
and thinks she should make a song called, "Maybe it's MY fault afterall"
You listen to a lot of country
You're really liking that new song, thrift shop
Your favorite animal is a chipmunk
But your favorite pet is a cat
You wish you lived in a more rural area
You're a country girl stuck in the city
You get a bad rep because of where you live
You won't back down from a fight
This has gotten you in trouble before
Bon Jovi is the shit
You always have your nails painted
Usually very bright neon colors
You go tanning
But are terrified of skin cancer
But want to look good
You used to own horses
But had to sell them when u moved
I Don't Believe That Anybody Feels The Way I Do, About You Now
Your boyfriend is older than you
But age doesn't matter
Age, height, weight, distance are all just numbers when it comes to love
Your current bf was your first kiss
You can see yourself marrying this person
If you expect a guy to treat u well, ur damn sure gonna treat them well
Big hugs > kisses
Cuddling >>>>>>
Nothing compares to cuddling
Cuddling and watching movies at home is the best
But going somewhere together is nice every so often
Guys with short hair>>>>>>
Guys taller than you >>>>>>>
Girls usually annoy you
Homewreckers should just stop
If two people are happy, let them be that fricken way
You can be friends with an ex
One of your best friends actually is an ex
You like to have a nickname for your lover
Something like Mikey if his name is Mike is sufficient
We're alike