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About This Survey

Author: fandu
Created: February 13, 2013
Taken: 616 times
Rated: PG

Soundtrack to your life / Music shuffle

Created by fandu and taken 616 times on Bzoink
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Name of the movie (name of first song)
Opening credits
Your parents finding out that your mom is pregnant
Slideshow of her pregnancy
Being born
Early days / playing with your toys
Making friends in kindergarten
First day of school
Finding your best friend
Funny birthday party
Middle school
Talking to your best friend about boys/girls
Kissing your first crush
Saying goodbye because he/she has to move away
High School
Sneaking out
First party
Making out with a boy/girl at the party
Getting together
Fighting with your friends bc you only spend time with your bf/gf
Getting caught while stealing booze
Fighting with your parents bc you don't care about school any more
Having sex with your bf/gf
Catching him/her with another girl/boy
Breaking up
Crying the whole night
Your best friend comforting you the next day
Shopping with your best friend: outfit for prom
Graduation cermony
First vacation without parents
Moving out
Meeting true love
Slideshow of your college years
Being an adult
Pursuit of your dream job
Buying a small house
Finding out you/your spouse is pregnant
Having first child
Death of parent
Funeral / flashback
Birth of second child
Graduation of first child
Second child moving out
Midlife crisis / flashbacks
Meeting your best friend for first time in 15 years
Getting old
Retiring from work
Having first grandchild
Finding out your spouse is sick
Death / funeral of spouse
You ending up at the hospital
Your death
Ending credits
People's themes
Your mom
Your dad
Your sibling
Your best friend
Your first crush
Your first boyfriend
Your true love / spouse
First child
Second child
First grandchild
Alltime favourite song