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Author: gothanimallover11
Created: January 25, 2013
Taken: 69 times
Rated: PG

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GRRR I just closed the tab while i was working on a survey!!! i'm so mad!!

Created by gothanimallover11 and taken 69 times on Bzoink
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Do you have a boyfriend?
Have you ever been kicked or slapped?
What's your name?
Is your best friend right handed or left handed?
Are you a vegetarian?
Guess these lyrics: my young bride why aren't you keeping with you all...
...the ones who really love you
How old are you?
Do you like pop music?
Taco bell or subway?
What would you do if i died?
Do you love anyone right now?
What's your style?
are you a guy or a girl?
What color am i thinking of?
Would you date someone way younger than you?
What's your eye color?
Rate the following character on a scale of 1-10: Harry Potter.
Who on your top 8 knows you the best?
Name 2 things you love.
Describe your personality.
How many clocks do you have in your house?
What's your favorite Vitamin Water flavor?
Take a guess: What is my favorite color?
What's YOUR favorite color?
When you looked at yourself today, what was the first thing you thought?
What is your favorite lyric by Evanescence?
Why are you taking this survey?
Name 2 of your favorite albums of all time.
How old are you? (sorry if I already asked this).
What state/country/province are you in?
Your first thoughts when reading the title of this survey:
Is life fair?
First thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word "pie"?
How tall are you?
Don't you just love Panic at the Disco?
Got any nicknames?
What color is the inside of your toilet?
What grade are you in? (if you're still in school)
What are you going to do for Valentine's Day?
Do you miss your ex?
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
How many kids do you want?
What's your sexual preference?
Did you eat Apple Jacks today?