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Author: dolphinlover88
Created: January 20, 2013
Taken: 51 times
Rated: G

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fake police report for fun

Created by dolphinlover88 and taken 51 times on Bzoink
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this section for fires
was the fire set intentionaly
how many suspects were there if so
if any did they get caught
how much was dammaged
what was on fire
this section for fights
where did the fight take place [city]
what street did the fight take place
how many were involved
male or female
were any bones broken
were the police called
were the medics called
was an arrest made
this section for crashes
name the streets the crash took place on
how many cars involved
how many people were involved
how many police fire and ambulances responded
city of the incident
this section shots fired
how close were the shots to you
how close were the nearest houses
were the police called
was anyone shot
was anyone killed
what city was this
how many shots were fired
what kind of gun was used
how long did the shooting last
was the suspect ever arrested
this section for any other incident
what was the incident
what city was this in
what road was this on
how many people were involved
how many cars were involved
was there a lockdown for a school
were the police called
was fire or medics called
what damage was done
how long did this last
would you like another survey like this
would you do it with a dolphin, lol, i would