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Author: dolphinlover88
Created: January 1, 2013
Taken: 52 times
Rated: G

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fake police report, fill out after a crime only please

Created by dolphinlover88 and taken 52 times on Bzoink
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to start, your age?
what type of incident occured, fight, crash, abuse, sex crime, arsen, what?
if fight, were the police called
were the medics called
did someone go to the hospital, if so how many
was there an arrest and do you know the name
what time was this
where was this, street name, city
how many people were involved
if a crash, how many cars were there
how bad was the damage
where was this, street name, city?
what type of cars and color
were there any deaths, if so who
how many police fire and ems units were there
did you see this crash on a web cam
sex crimes, in this section
what was the sex crime, rape, molest, just touching???
how many were involved
who was the victim
was the girl younger than 15 if so how old
was she very cute
were the police called
were the suspects arrested
hope not, but if so how long did they get
arsen in this section
how many rooms of the house were dameged
were fire and police called
was anyone hurt or killed
last how often do you call 911 or nonemergency