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Author: danceamydance
Created: December 13, 2012
Taken: 229 times
Rated: G

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give your smile a plea to shine. don't speak, don't even try.

Created by danceamydance and taken 229 times on Bzoink
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do you post to say happy birthday on other people's walls?
have there ever been floods where you live?
do you listen to K-Pop? :p
when was the last time you saw a rainbow?
how many students are/were at the high school you attended?
are you hot, cold or somewhere in the middle right now?
would you rather be alone or in the company of other people?
what's your favorite television commercial?
do you wish on shooting stars?
have you ever tried writing a song?
what is your favorite type of juice?
whose birthday did you last celebrate?
when you were a kid, did you have a treehouse?
what was the best school year in your opinion?
do you know (of) anyone who has committed suicide?
when was the last time you flew on a plane?
do you eat meat every day?
who taught you how to ride a bike?
are you a fan of lana del rey?
does it snow where you live?
how do you cook your rice? steam, boil, other?
do you like your country's president or prime minister?
do you wear skirts?
what color is your house?
how many first cousins do you have?
have you ever seen a pop star in concert?
margarine or butter?
do you listen to christmas music during the holiday season?
where would you like to vacation to?
what time do you set your alarm to?
what's the longest period of time you've gone without sleep?
if you cuss a lot, what is your favorite swear?
do you like ginger ale?
what time does the sun set at the time of year where you live?
have you ever been skiing?
can you imitate any accents really well?
do you save the birthday/christmas cards you receive?
when was the last time you moved house?
what color is your can of deodorant?
have you ever had a secret admirer?
what did you last feel nervous about?
what is the middle name of the last person you texted?
how far do you live from the ocean?
are you a fan of eminem?
what time do you usually go to bed?