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Author: lilprincess
Created: November 29, 2012
Taken: 242 times
Rated: G

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My First This or That

Created by lilprincess and taken 242 times on Bzoink
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day or night?
morning or evening?
prime time sitcom or Saturday cartoons?
tall or short?
left handed or right handed?
glasses or contacts?
blue or red?
pink or green?
yellow or orange?
brown or beige?
solid white vs. cream white?
pale or tan?
real nails or fake nails?
bangs or no bangs?
spontaneous or planned schedule?
Canada or Mexico?
liberal or conservative?
Nickelodeon or Disney?
Disney Land or Disney World?
Saturday Night Live or MadTV?
Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah Winfrey?
liberal or conservative?
Grease or Saturday Night Fever?
spearmint or peppermint?
Coke or Pepsi?
football or baseball?
tidy or sloppy?
fantasy or reality?
scrawny or muscular?
dogs or cats?
brunette or blonde?
Italian food or Chinese food?
California or Florida?
San Francisco or Miami?
Facebook or MySpace?
Tumblr or Twitter?
brand name or generic name?
black licorice or red licorice?
public school or private school?
Chevy or Ford?
George Washington or Abraham Lincoln?
Friends or Seinfeld?
close friends or. acquaintances?
The Wonder Years or Happy Days?
Fridays or Saturdays?
The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother?
dolphins or penguins?
there or they're?
whose or who's?
nowhere or anywhere?
Earth or Water?
Air or Fire?
risky or careful?
smoker or non-smoker?
overactive or sedentary?
rap or country music?
big city or rural town?
Atlantic or Pacific?
Europe or Asia?
Africa or Asia?
LA or Chicago?
scissors or paper?
chess or checkers?
geography or biology?
whales or penguins?
chimpanzee or orangutan?
cooking or house cleaning?
gardening or reading?
turquoise or khaki?
geometry or biology?
Paris or London?
reality shows or soap operas?
Shakira or Rihanna?
Rosie O'Donnell or Rickie Lake?
Bill Clinton or Barack Obama?
nature shows or nightly news?
iPod or stereo sound system?
iPhone or Android?
Fridays or Saturdays?
Mondays or Sundays?
very religious or Agnostic/ Atheist?
Wiccan or Scientologist?
chapstick or lip gloss?
trendy or original?
even number or odd number?
drawing or painting?
leopard print or zebra print?
lions or tigers?
Academy Awards or Emmy Awards?
Eminem or Jay-Z?
action movie or science fiction movie?
Faith Hill or Shania Twain?
Hummer or convertible?
flip flops or boots?
porn films or silent films?
sweets or salty food?
college sports or professional sports?
stars or stripes?
circles or triangles?
squares or rectangles?
History Channel or Travel Channel?
70's or 80's music?
plaid or polka dot?
cotton or polyester?
silk or suede?
feathers or sequins?
chicken or fish?
Jackass or Punkd?
Paris Hilton or Perez Hilton?
A-list celebrity or common citizen?
pro-life or pro-choice?
silver or gold?
V-neck or turtleneck?
pet fish or pet birds?
only child or 1 of 10?
anthropology or geology?
China or Japan?
horoscopes or psychics?
astrology or astronomy?
simple or complex?
goth or prep?
tropical jungle or desert?
North Pole or South Pole?
hot cocoa or cappuccino?
giving hickies or receiving them?
discrete or indiscrete?
zebra or giraffe?
fork or spoon?
fake friends or true enemies?
figure skating or skiing?
log cabin in woods or summer beach house?
summer or winter?
autumn or spring?
airplanes or trains?
classical music or jazz music?
Italian dressing or Russian dressing?
Paris or Rome?
Chicago or Dallas?
truth or dare?
getting a perm or funky hair color?
wedding or graduation ceremony?
prom or homecoming?
having a broken leg or broken arm?
January or June?
dry heat or humidity?
solid or liquid?
chocolate chip or Oreo?
moon or stars?
Lady Gaga or Madonna?
Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?
50's or 60's?
modern or antique?
blue ink or black ink?
mansion or small cottage?
fruits or vegetables?
dairy products or meat products?
home cooking or take-out?
drive or walk?
French language or Spanish language?
teacher's pet or class troublemaker?
lawyer or doctor?
Batman or Superman?
chocolate or vanilla?
chatterbox or silent mouse?
Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler?
preview or overture?
ballroom dancing or jazz dancing?
tap dancing or ballet dancing?
Irish step dancing or salsa dancing?
visual arts or martial arts?
Caribbean or Mediterranean?
being newly pregnant at 17 or first time at 45?
Cher or Celine Dion?
feeling too cold or feeling too hot?
classic guitar or electric guitar?
cosmetician or hair stylist?
rock climbing or scuba diving?
brief surveys or extensive surveys?
creating surveys or taking them?