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Author: lilprincess
Created: November 25, 2012
Taken: 246 times
Rated: PG

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Created by lilprincess and taken 246 times on Bzoink
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Hi there! :)
You began taking this survey in the evening.
You don't like Sundays.
You're Agnostic/ Atheist.
Your first name begins with a consonant.
Your middle name begins with a vowel.
Your last name ends with a consonant.
Your full name (given, middle, last) contains 10 letters or more.
You live with...
both parents
one parent
a sibling
a friend
a roommate
significant other
You live alone.
You're totally in love.
You're taken.
You were born and raised in Northeast U.S.
You think orange is one of the ugliest colors to wear.
When you think of the color green , you think of...
slimy goo
the environment
When you think of the color blue, you think of...
your favorite shirt
the ocean
the Democratic Party
feeling of embarrassment (i.e., feeling
When you think of the color red, you think of:
the feeling of embarrassment
the color of love, romance and passion
the Republican Party
the color of many British/ Irish people's hair
You're fully employed.
You're currently wearing a hat.
You have an odd nickname.
You plan to attend college.
Your high school mascot is a Cardinal.
You'd rather be spontaneous, than have a regularly planned schedule.
You have a new pop song in your head that really annoys you.
You're pro-choice.
You have been pregnant before.
You are fair featured.
You are bored.
Dogs are a human's best friend.
You're currently in the middle of a book.
You've read something by George Orwell...
Louisa May Alcott...
Lev Tolstoy...
Victor Hugo...
Jane Austen...
You're currently subscribed to a newspaper / magazine.
You like spending at least 30 mins at the public library.
You enjoy reading for pleasure.
You've thought about becoming an author some day.
You don't like paying attention to political cartoons in the media.
You're physically active.
You're a little on the voluptuous (curvey) side.
You are very self consious about how you look, especially in public.
You recently had a hair cut.
Your nails are painted.
You own 15 pairs of shoes or more.
You're 5'5
You've been described as petite.
You've dyed your hair a
You think full lips look sexy on a guy.
You think Angelina Jolie's famous pair of lips have been
You know that Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, & Pam Anderson are natural brunette.
You would date a guy that's shorter than you.
You wear glasses or contacts.
You've tried color contacts.
Jewelry and accessories complement your outfit.
You have bangs.
You don't wear makeup.
Your favorite mode of transportation is train.
You 're waiting to have kids until you're in your late 20's.
Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday.
You know someone who's multiracial.
You use Facebook instant messenger often.
You like sushi.
You've been to a techno club more than 5 times.
You recycle.
Global warming exists.
You constantly correct people on their poor spelling and grammar.
Dell is the coolest computer brand.
You think K-pop & J-pop will be widely recognized in the US within 1 year.
Football is your favorite sport.
You generally rate bzoink surveys after you complete them.