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Author: lilprincess
Created: November 15, 2012
Taken: 282 times
Rated: PG

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How much are we alike? Answer with true or false.

Created by lilprincess and taken 282 times on Bzoink
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Your first name begins with a C.
Your first name contains 6 letters.
Your mom solely picked out your name prior to your birth.
Your first name is of Latin origin.
You like your first name.
Your surname contains 7 letters.
Your surname begins with a C.
Many people have had trouble spelling or pronouncing your surname.
When you get married, you choose to take your partner's surname.
You were born outside of the United States.
You're a Capricorn.
You think most of your personality traits are akin to your zodiac sign.
You have lived in more than one foreign country.
You have one sister.
You have half-siblings.
You have step-siblings.
You're a middle child.
One of your parents is deceased.
Two of your grandparents are deceased.
You would love to have kids of your own some day.
You would consider adopting a child.
You don't see much of your relatives very often.
You have a first cousin you haven't seen in 10+ years.
You're in your late 20's.
You have completed at least some college.
You're not an athletic person.
...but you try to remain psychically active.
You don't understand the concept of American football.
You like soccer.
You're a fan of the NY Mets.
You've tried skiing and figure skating.
You have a gym membership.
You like ice hockey.
You have watched a game/ match (of any professional sport) LIVE.
You like to swim, but are not very good at it.
You're in a committed relationship.
You've been committed to your partner for 6+ months.
You're a sucker for old, romantic films.
You've watched porn movies on cable.
You've personally experienced a pregnancy.
You plan to marry the person you're involved with now.
You prefer winter over summer.
You like the cold.
New Year's Eve is your favorite holiday.
Christmas really bores or depresses you.
You're agnostic or atheist.
You're socially liberal.
You have pen pals from foreign countries.
You have a Tumblr account.
You're a proponent of LGBT, animal and environmental rights.
You're thrifty.
You have lived with roommates...
... and hated it!
You find the terms "retard" & "fag" very offensive and overused.
You're multi-ethnic.
You're trying to omit sweets from your diet.
You've recently quit drinking or smoking. (<-- that's a grand achievement!)
You're currently unemployed.
You love techno music.
You're an 80's brat.
You're bilingual.
At least one of your family members have served in the military.
You believe war is not a solution to ANYTHING!
You fidget constantly when feeling nervous or bored.
You're a suburbanite.
You have owned a dog, cat, some fish, or a rabbit.
You know someone with a neurological disorder like ADHD, epilepsy, OCD, etc
You're a grammar Nazi.
You've participated in a spelling bee in elementary school.
You prefer swimming in a natural body of water over a swimming pool.
You have naturally wavy hair.
You love to travel....
but hate traveling by plane!!
You don't own a desktop computer.
You like spicy and sweet foods.
You thought George W Bush was one of the dumbest U.S. presidents ever.
You've been to NY....
Washington, DC...
New Jersey...
New Hampshire...
Rhode Island...
Western Europe...
You're a natural brunette, but have colored it before.
You think you have a disproportioned physique.
You think horror movies are more dumb than scary.
You prefer to spend your Friday & Saturday nights quietly.
You've taken a ballet or jazz class.
You know how to play a musical instrument.
You hate to cook and really suck at it.
You don't attend parties very often.
You've pondered about how overall life was like 100 years ago.
You enjoy answering long surveys or creating them. :)