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Author: raynahoran
Created: November 13, 2012
Taken: 10 times
Rated: PG

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Random(ish) survey thing..

Created by raynahoran and taken 10 times on Bzoink
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Hi..My name is..Rayna and I like trains and one direction, whats your name?
Do you like trains?
You better
Now this will just be random.. soo..
Did yyou know, jellybabies taste good?
Cause they do..
Your favourite band/group is?
Mines 1d, as you probs figured, they make me wanna oh oh oh oh oh oh.
i have 68 posters/cut outts of them.. Im sucha stalker ;)
Do you have twitter? Follow meh.. @Rayna_1d_lover. Kay? Thanks ;)
just sayin...I follow you back.. as long as your not a perv..
Paedo bear wants to speak to you..
Kay..dont cry..just jokin
Do you like food? Cause I doooo!
Im not crazy. My mum had me tested.
At any cost, you must not kill Justin Bieber, deal?
My doctor said...I need help...
Are you random?
Hyper perhaps?
Do you go to school, collage, work?
Applez are tastyyy!
OH IM A GUMMY BEAR,A GUMMY BEAR! If you could be a sweet what would you be?
Tasty..im eatin' chocolate. What was the last thing you ate?
Sleeping or eating? Choose and CHOOSE WISELY MY FELLOW UNICORN
Spongebob is a sponge, fact of life under the sea.
Meh...Im tired... bleh
*le dead* lul wut?
Mum or dad? hard choice..but mum, my dad has left meh...;(
Enough of depressing stuff..Hows your life been?
I should have asked this ages ago..But are you female, male, niether, both?
Nice to know..How old is thy unicorn?
Gues what? Hey guess what? GUESS WHAT? Hey apple, aple, guess what? HAI!
Can I tell you a secret?
Promise you won't tell?
Okay..well.. I dont know how to say this.. but..
you just been' trolololed xD
The real secret is..CHEESE TASTES LIKE CHEESE!
The awkward moment when someone talks about pussy infront of your nana..
Wut! no that didn't happen .. *le derp face*
Pussy or cats? xD
Would you rather name your daughter Jemimah or Hilda?
Asian porn or dirty fanfiction?
phone sex or.. uhm sex...?
Sex with Harry Styles (WARNING OVER 30S ONLY) or sex with Justin Bieber?
Awkward moment when the preist says
Sex using a banana or Cuucumber? Or 4 boys.. Banana for a penis or cucumber
Heard the paedo bear song? I like little girls..
Ima paedo..
Wanna know why?
When i was 8 I asked my mums friends son to pull his trousers down..
and not to tell mummy...He was like 4... uhm .. That was my real secret
Blue waffle xD or green waffle
78909090755 idk... da fuq? Lucky number
Turnips or Carrots {LE CARROTS FTW}
Cheeseballs (lmaofdg) or cheesy footballs?
Custard pie..or Jelly pie (dont ask..just..dont..)
Turtles or...CATS? (the pressure)
I like.............................................PUSSY
Joke..one more question...Do you like..jellybabies..?
Kay!..Thanks..Bye.. ;)