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Author: cherriezz32
Created: November 13, 2012
Taken: 4 times
Rated: PG

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Created by cherriezz32 and taken 4 times on Bzoink
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who is your favorite?
paige or cece?
who do you think is the weakest in tje competition?
your favorite performance was?
wich singer do you want 2 see perform next on xfactor?
from teen category who do you like?
from over 25 category who do you like?
from groups category who do you like?
from young adults category who do you like?
who do you want 2 see go home?
carly or beatrice?
your favorite audition was?
do you hate cece freys attitude?
whos your favorite judge?
nicest judge?
rate diamond white (1-10)
rate carly rose (1-10)
rate arin ray (1-10)
rate beatrice miller (1-10)
rate jennel garcia (1-10)
rate cece frey (1-10)
rate paige thomas (1-10)
rate emblem3 (1-10)
rate fifth harmony (1-10)
rate lyric 145 (1-10)
rate tate stevens (1-10)
rate vino alan (1-10)
do you vote?
whos a better host khloe or mario lopez?
which year was better this year or last year?