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Author: xxbieberburnham
Created: September 20, 2012
Taken: 196 times
Rated: PG

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100 Question Survey

Created by xxbieberburnham and taken 196 times on Bzoink
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Do you get excited when you learn you have to dress up?
What brand of hair spray do you use?
Do you like it when guys wear hats?
Burger King, McDonalds or Wendys?
Would you rather visit California or Flordia?
What's your ideal first date?
If you type for awhile, do your fingers start to hurt?
What do you smell right now?
Chinese or mexican food?
Can you play the drums?
Are you the type of person who would study for a test for hours?
Are you a lazy person?
If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
If you were an instrument, what would you be?
Do you hate when you're in a good mood and one person ruins your mood?
Are there any movies coming out that you'd like to see?
Where do you buy your underwear?
Do you watch the show Switched at Birth?
Do you hate the usual 100 questions surveys? EX : Eye color..
What's worse : Rude people, two faced people or fake people?
Does your house have a doorbell?
Do you know someone who has dropped out of high school?
Can you juggle?
Do you think you could run 3 miles right now?
What color was the shirt you wore today before changing?
Does it freak you out when random people wave to you in public?
Can you do the dougie?
If you were to get a pet turtle right now, what would you name it?
What's your most hated commercial to watch?
Can you do a handstand?
What was the last thing you charged?
Without looking, what time do you think it is?
Favorite album?
How many people named Josh do you know?
When you were younger, did you believe you could fly?
Favorite farm animal?
Have you ever been to a spa?
Has your Facebook ever been hacked?
On a scale 1-10 how relaxed are you right now?
Do you spell gray with an A or an E?
What's your favorite name that begins with B?
How many of your friends on here are online?
If your son said he was gay, how would you react?
Apple cider or hot chocolate?
If someone payed you $500 would you take a bath in milk?
How many people have ever said you're perfect?
Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook?
Do you enjoy having time to yourself?
Can you do a cart wheel?
How many apps do you have on your phone/iPod?
Do you like Ed Sheeran?
Can you do ballet?
When you were a teenager, did you used to say "I hate this house!"?
Would you rather become an author or teacher?
Are you ever jealous of your best friend?
How many people are you currently texting?
Anything exciting coming up?
What numbers does your password on here have?
Time time tomorrow, what will you be doing?
Would you rather get money or gift cards for your birthday?
Have you ever been inside a recording studio?
Would you rather visit Mars or Neptune?
Do you have Instagram?
Does it bother you when people keep talking to you and you want to leave?
Have you ever texted a landline phone by accident?
Have you ever spoken to a detective before?
Do you like quotes about love or life better?
Do you have any quotes on your bedroom walls?
What color is your garage?
Have you ever played laser tag?
Have you ever been to Cedar Point?
How are your grades this year?
Do you think you have a good singing voice?
Do you like it when people give you compliments?
Do you crack under pressure?
Was your hair straight today?
Do you believe in ghosts?
Do you ever share things on Facebook?
Do you pick out your outfits for the next day the night before or the AM?
Do you wear earrings?
Do you think Hershey chocolate is the best?
What do you have first period?
Do people depend on you too much?
Have you ever been in love?
Do you hate being sad?
Is anyone you're close to in the hospital right now?
Do you have any cuts on you right now?
Do you like Steve Carell?
Is your wifi protected?
What did you have for lunch today?
How often do people write on your Facebook wall?
Does your phone have a cover on it?
What color was your swim suit this year?
How many bedroom does your house have?
Would you go swimming if it was 65 degrees out?
Favorite flavor of popsicle?
Do ladders scare you?
Would you ever lie about your past?
Hot dogs or hamburgers?
Do you have any pictures of you and your friends in your bedroom?