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Author: allwrongx
Created: September 9, 2012
Taken: 148 times
Rated: G

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Hot patootie, bless my soul.

Created by allwrongx and taken 148 times on Bzoink
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Do you have a bookshelf? If so, just one or how many?
If you answered yes to the above, are your books ordered in a special way?
Have you ever owned action figures?
Why did you last smile?
Do you have a close relationship with your immediate family?
If I gave you twenty bucks what would you do with it?
If dinosaurs could be tamed, would you want one as a pet?
Do you crack your knuckles, neck or toes constantly?
Are you constantly catching colds or other sicknesses?
Is there a movie from your childhood that you still watch today?
Have you ever seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Where do you do most of your shopping?
Are you afraid of mice?
What type of souvenir do you usually purchase when on vacation?
Do you vacation often?
Are you comfortable wearing your pajamas in public places?
What's your favorite candy bar?
Do you own more than one copy or edition of a book?
If you could see any musical on Broadway right now, what would it be?
If you could put any person or characters face on money, whose would it be?
The place that you'd most like to be right now is where?
Do large crowds make you anxious?
Do you own a helmet of any sorts?
Will you willingly sing in front of other people besides your family?
What's in the box?
Does your family generally decorate for most holidays?
Would you take the chance to be Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys for a day?
Do you eat soup when you're sick?
Is there a specific mug or coffee cup that you have to use all of the time?
Have you ever watched Doctor Who?
If so, what do you think is the scariest creature yet?
Do you prefer to do your shopping online or in person?
If you read, which book or series did you enjoy most as a child?
Do you read tour guide type books before you visit places?
Would you please belt out a few song lyrics here?
How do you get rid of your hiccups?
Is there one saying that you've adopted from someone/somewhere else?
Can you lie effectively and smoothly?
Do you buy Halloween candy when it's on sale after the holiday?
Why is your favorite teacher your favorite?
Who can never fail to make you laugh?
Do you agree with the "they're just being kids" excuse?
How many pets have you had in your lifetime?
Were you ever afraid of monsters under your bed?
Would you kindly recommend your favorite movie to me?