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Author: markhoppus
Created: August 29, 2012
Taken: 10 times
Rated: G

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How much do you know about Good Charlotte?

Created by markhoppus and taken 10 times on Bzoink
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In what year did they form?
Who's their formal drummer?
And who's Tito?
Say Anything is on what album?
In what colour are the "GC" intials on the Young&Hopeless CD?
Paul is besides music very interested in?
What about Billy?
In what TV show did Joel include as a "coach" in 2012?
What's the name of Deano's son?
What's the song written for Joel and Benji's mother called?
1979 is about?
Why did they name the band Good Charlotte?
Which of the members have been on MTV's Cribs?
What is Benji doing in the Little Things video that he later regret?
Their Live DVD is called?
What two bands does the girl in Riot Girl like?
Who is Wondering about?
Which one of their albums sold the most exemplares?
Who's Joel's father in law?
Name on song off the Madden Brother's mixtape "Before"?
In which year did Joel and Nicole get married?
How many kids does Paul have? (August 2012)
What's the name of Billy's clothing line?
What about Joel and Benji's? Both old and new.
What is one thing Deano loves to do on his free time?
Name Joel and Benji's siblings?
Benji is currently dating who? (August 2012)
Which song have they most opened with for the last few years?
What blink-182 song did they play on the 2010 tour?
Name four hairstyles Benji had?
What 3 record labels have they been on so far? (August 2012)
What's the name of the first track on their 2007 album?
What did Paul say his scar on his head was from?
First official music video they ever made?
Name one GC song Billy wrote?
Who produced both the selftitled and Cardiology album?
With which band did they do the "Noise To The World" tour in 2005?
Paul's side project band is called?
Who sings the second verse on The River?
The Chronicles of Life And Death came out in what year?
Finish the line: "Just because I walk like...."?
In which music video can you watch Benji eating cereals?
Which one of them also plays keyboard on their shows?
What's tattooed on Joel's back?
Which one of them have the most tattoos?