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Author: simplyme720
Created: August 7, 2012
Taken: 90 times
Rated: PG

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Are We Alike? (Simplyme720 version)

Created by simplyme720 and taken 90 times on Bzoink
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Answer With True/False
You have green eyes
You have dark hair
Your hair is naturally curly
You are shorter than 5'3''
You are thin, but not stick thin
Your nose slopes upward
People sometimes mistaken you with a family member that you look like
You don't think you are as pretty as people say you are
You are very shy when you first meet people, then open up over time
You have been taken advantage of in past friendships for being "too nice"
You have been told you have a "great sense of humor"
You are a people pleaser
You have a lot of mood swings around your time of month
You have jokingly been called a "blonde" even though you aren't one
You hate attention whores
When someone makes you angry, you prefer to bottle it in first
You are an affectionate person who loves hugs
But when you're in a bad mood, you want your space
You sometimes have deep thoughts about every aspect of life
You are a very random and/or unpredictable person
Love and Relationships
You are in (or have been in) at least one long-term relationship
You have always been patient with waiting for the right person
You don't believe someone HAS to date a lot of people to find the right one
You believe the best relationships start off as friendships
You are tired of people that say they are "in love" after a week of dating
You think cheating is one of the worst ways to ruin a relationship
You believe both partners in a relationship should give equal effort
You have dedicated a song to either a crush/significant other before
You are dating/have dated an athlete
You don't have a specific taste; you know what you like when you see it
A great personality has made someone become more attractive to you
You have cried yourself to sleep over somebody before in your life
Manners are one of the sexiest traits in the preferred sex
You like someone who has a sensitive side, but can also be tough
You took someone special to prom before
You have been given a promise ring
You have fallen in love at least once in your life
Interests and Hobbies
You like to write poetry
You love listening to music
You have a gym membership/go to the gym every week
Your strongest subject has always been English
Your favorite color is either blue, green, or purple
Your favorite food is chicken
You tend to avoid high-calorie drinks
You are not a big sports fan, but can tolerate watching them
One of your favorite shows is Family Guy
You like photography
You like anything that involves art or creativity
Your favorite movie genre is comedy and/ or romance
Your favorite music genre is alternative rock
You think road trips are fun
You would love to travel more, if you had the money
You like to do something spontaneous once in a while
Whenever you go out shopping, you end up just buying more clothes
You generally grow closer to people who share similar interests with you
You grew up in New England (part of the United States)
You have lived in the same state all your life
You are a highschool graduate
You have received good grades all throughout your school career
You were never part of a sports team
You are the youngest child in your family
Throughout your life, you have lost/gained plenty of friends
You are beginning to realize who your true friends are
Sometimes you feel that life goes by too fast
You sometimes wish you didn't rush growing up
You can think of at least one person that has positively changed your life
You believe that people should never take things for granted