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Author: kurtcobainluver27
Created: July 24, 2012
Taken: 80 times
Rated: G

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are you like me  

Don't wanna be your monkey wrench (are you like me?)

Created by kurtcobainluver27 and taken 80 times on Bzoink
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View Current Survey Results

You're female
You're 17 years old
You have your license
You also have your own car
You have a job
And you can't decide if you love or hate your job
You're in a relationship
You've been dating the same person for about 3 yrs
You work in a factory
You live in Illinois
In the country
You have at least 2 dogs and at least 3 cats
You don't really fit in with any group
You don't feel like you belong in your school
You're going to be a Senior this year
You kind of wish that high-school wouldn't have gone this fast
You're afraid of the future
You like the game Resident Evil 4
You have too many favorite bands
Your friend got you into the music you like today
You haven't seen your dad for over a year
You believe Kurt Cobain commited suicide
You want to visit Seattle Washington someday
Your b-day is on March 21st
You know at least 3 people who have the same b-day as you
You've done nothing fun this summer
Your mom and friend share the same b-day
You perfer the Sims 2 over the Sims 3
But you still play both
All your grandparents are dead
Your class is the class of 2013
You love to wear converse
And band t-shirts
You HATE Miley Cyrus with a burning passion
But you don't know why...
You're drinking Barq's Root Beer right now
You share a room with someone
You have an older sister
But she has a disablity that makes her act younger than you
You like different genres of music
But you cannot stand Rap music that much
Your getting sick and tired of how much your town likes country music
You just got a puppy last month
You took this survey because you're bored
You like these kind of surveys

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