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Author: volleyballchick14
Created: July 17, 2012
Taken: 71 times
Rated: G

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Are you like me???

Created by volleyballchick14 and taken 71 times on Bzoink
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You are a blonde
Youre parents are divorced
Youre closer to your dad
you have one sibling
SHE is younger than you
You are on here late at night
It is because you have nothing else to do
you cannot drive yet
your dream car is a slugbug
you play sports
that main sport is volleyball
but you played tons of sports as a young child
you are smart
your favorite kind of food is chinease
but you cannot pick a single food item as your favorite
You own pets
they are dogs and cats
you prefer cats, however
you like to exercise but dont like to run
you love little children as long as you dont have to live with them
you still love little kid cartoons
you love romantic comedies
you have a dirty mind
your favorite kind of music is rock
you are a casual dresser
you rarely start thiings and dont finish them
you've seen the new spiderman movie
and loved it
you are not the most popular person
you have a small group of close friends
you dont shop at name brand stores (aka hollister and pacsun)
your favorite kind of chocolate is milk
you hate sweet pickles
you love homemade mac and cheese
your dad doesn't cook much/well
your room isnt very decorated
you are moving soon
you are laying in your bed with your laptop right now
some of your relatives are in town
you have young cousins (6 or younger)
you used to play the piano
you recently went on a class trip
to washington dc/new york/ gettysburg
you live in colorado
you love the color blue
you also love long quizzes
but not 200 questions long
and you think the poll section of this cite isnt worth much
you recently found bzoink
thanks for holding in there with me :) im blabbing
you are a female
you hate sexist jokes of any kind
you dont want to have a big, fancy house
you would rather live in the suburbs than the city
you throw your clothes on the floor rather than in the laundry baskets
you use your sibling to grab your stuff when youre to lazy to grab it
you wouldnt go to a dinner place by yourself
you have recently realized your friend was a not so good person
and now youre questioning your other friends
you would rather take a survey than make one
and you love these "are you like me" surveys
you have seen all 6 seasons of lost
and all 6 seasons of psych
you have pictures hanging up in your room
you have an american flag in your room
you hate it when people disrespect your countries flag
youre now done with this quiz :)
Sooooooo are you like me?
yes or no?
if so go ahead and friend me and rate this 5 stars
thanks for taking this quiz :) :) :)