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Author: 1993babybitz
Created: July 14, 2012
Taken: 118 times
Rated: PG

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What guy would you date?

Created by 1993babybitz and taken 118 times on Bzoink
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You are 5'8" or less.
You love tall guys.
You're supportive.
Facial hair is cute.
You have brown hair.
You're really small.
You're conservative.
You love really smart guys.
You love kids.
You smoke pot.
You love Bob Marley.
You'd love a guy with a pot leaf tattoo.
Tattoos are sexy.
You're more of a doer than a thinker.
You don't have a ton of friends.
You're quiet and mysterious.
shy guys are cute
you're a little shy
you can get people to open up
you flirt a lot
you cuss a lot
once you get to talking, you never stop
but you're a good listener
you're always there
you fight fair
bad boys are yummy
you know everything about baseball
you can deal with anger as long as he doesn't abuse you
you love shaggy hair
you love brown eyes
a guys gotta have game
you're not gonna put out
he gotta be a bad boy but good man
he needs to take care of you
you have a good sense of humor
you like rap
you are always laughing and smiling
you can always brighten a day
if someone pisses you off, they know it
but you try to be nice to everyone
you are strong Christian.
you tweet a lot.
you wouldn't cheat.
you eat a lot
you're country
you love tight hugs
excitable guys are fun
you love a guy who can make you laugh
blondes are cute
short hair is the best
you love to be loved and know it
you love when everyone else knows it too
you like trucks
random hugs are cute
its cute when a guy apologizes for the little things too
you don't get mad easy
you will always treat him right
you want a best friend/bf type of guy
you want someone you can kid with
you have a good fashion sense
you like black guys
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