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Author: 1993babybitz
Created: July 14, 2012
Taken: 34 times
Rated: G

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Application to date me! :)

Created by 1993babybitz and taken 34 times on Bzoink
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Are you a religious Christian?
Do you play sports? If so which ones?
Do you enjoy watching sports? If so which ones?
How tall are you?
What's your body type?
What color eyes?
What car do you drive?
What were/are your grades in school?
What's your age?
What's your name?
What's your gender?
Rate me:)
What would our first date be?
Are you spontaneous or romantic?
Do you believe in pda?
Have you ever cheated?
Do you like cats?
What's your personality like?
What do you look like?
What's your stereotype?
Would you be respectful to my mom?
Can you cook?
Would you be there through everything?
What would you do if I cried?
How would you kiss me?
Would you buy me things? like what?
Would we go on dates? Like where?
Do you get jealous? Possessive?
Could you date me?