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Author: xkelster462x
Created: July 2, 2012
Taken: 46 times
Rated: G

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Dead By April

Created by xkelster462x and taken 46 times on Bzoink
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What kind of movies are you drawn to?
How often do you update your Facebook status?
What would you like best about living in New York City?
What's the main reason why you use a laptop/pc?
What do you think the world needs more of?
What type of pet would you like to have?
How do you feel about mornings?
What breakfast are you most likely to have?
What type of day do you like more?
Your social life is:
What career field could you see yourself in?
When you're starting to feel sick, you:
Which city would you rather relax in?
What would you enjoy most about being a vampire?
What colors are you most drawn to?
What flavor ice cream would you prefer?
You rather have lunch at:
Your oldest friend would describe you as:
You are attracted to homes that are:
What deadly sin are you most likely to commit?
What section do you drift toward at bookstores?
When you're away from home, what makes you feel at home?
Are you a thinker or a feeler?
Would you rather go to a festival or a book reading?
Are you more into drama or comedy?
Do you prefer to lounge in a hot tub or swim in a pool?
Can you roll your tongue?
You are more likely to stop wearing something because
Have you ever smoked pot?
Do you speak a second language?
How many books do you have out in the public areas of your house?
What three words best describe you?
What two elements are you most comfortable with?
Your relationships tend to be:
Who makes a better burger, in your opinion?
Where would you most like to spend Christmas vacation?
For you, snow means:
What do you like best about the holidays?
You think your eyes convey:
Do you ever think about your ex?
Besides screaming for ice cream, what else do you scream for?
Favorite summer scent?
Do you listen to Billy Ray Cyrus?
Do you know how to shoot a shotgun?
Do you like fried chicken?