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Author: 1993babybitz
Created: June 30, 2012
Taken: 72 times
Rated: G

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Are you gonna kiss me or not? (which male celebrity would you rather kiss?)

Created by 1993babybitz and taken 72 times on Bzoink
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Matt Shadows or Matt Tuck?
CM Punk or Zack Ryder?
John Cena or Randy Orton?
Justin Bieber or Zac Efron?
Robert Pattinson or Channing Tatum?
Taylor Lautner or Tom Welling?
Ashton Kutcher or Sterling Knight?
Scotty McCreery or Drake Bell?
Tim McGraw or Jason Aldean?
Kenny Chesney or Brad Paisley?
Jake Owen or Joe Nichols?
Lil Wayne or 50 Cent?
Chris Brown or Lupe Fiasco?
Joey Votto or Derek Jeter?
Bronson Arroyo or Yadier Molina?