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Author: jayjayrocs
Created: June 27, 2012
Taken: 164 times
Rated: G

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Are we alike ? hehehehe

Created by jayjayrocs and taken 164 times on Bzoink
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Your name starts with a J
Your 17
Your Bday is in September
You live in Maryland
You live in a small country town
You Graduated from highschool this year
You off to community college in the fall
You hate getting older
You wear braces
Your parents are seperated
Your a girl
You sing
Your always on facebook
The person you likes name starts with a B
Your bestfriends name starts with a J
You love music
You've been called a slut before
There have been rumors about you in the past
You watch dance moms
You watch pretty little liars
You watch the bacherlette
You watch teen mom
You watch american idol
You watch secret life
You want a baby really bad
You love working out
Guys only like you cause your easy
You watch what you eat
You've taken a preganancy test before
You used to be anerexic
You have depression
You are getting your licence soon
You still watch disney channel
You've been cheated on before
Your 5'2
You love short shorts
You have no boobs !!!
Your rooms a mess right now
You just had a party over the weekend
You have wavy hair
You wanna meet people on here
You go on six billion secrets everyday
You do your laundry everyday otherwise you'll freak out
You love sushi
Other than that your pretty picky
Your shy
You have a ton of purses
You love parties
Your on a laptop right now
You have an ipod touch
Your always texting
You didnt/don't do to well in highschool
Your hoping to start of fresh in college
You love dresses
You go to every dance
You've sent nudes before
Your pale
You love the beach
Your very girly
Your inlove
Your shoe size is a size 6
You think your fat
You have low self esteem
You think your worthless :(
You cry yourself to sleep
You fake a smile all the time
You like to help others
You feel bad when you treat people badly
You believe in ghost
Your cold right now
Your in bed right now
Your super bored
Lol okay im done add me as a friend BYE :))