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Author: goldenchild93
Created: June 22, 2012
Taken: 74 times
Rated: PG

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are we alike  

Your MOOD swings are giving me WHIPLASH <33 (are we alike)

Created by goldenchild93 and taken 74 times on Bzoink
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You live with your mom.
And basically your boyfriend/girlfriend too.
You have 5 people living with you.
You are closer to your dad, even though you dont live with him.
You miss your dad soo much.
All your granparents are dead, and have been for years.
You have 2 half sisters.
NO brothers.
You live in the country
You are overweight.
.BUt on a diet.
You have thyroid disease.
You have heart palapatations.
You have a huge collection of indian things.
Also you have to buy anything you see with peace signs on it.
You spoil your pet.
You rather be in air conditioning then the heat.
You have only had one job that takes taxes out.
You get paid for going to GED class.
Your fav. color is pink.
BAnd is Dave Matthews.
Song is Crazy Girl.
Food is corn on the cob with butter and saltt.
You'd rather drink soda out of a can than a bottle.
You love flavored waterr.
You love to smoke cigarettes.
You like to sleep in & if you don't you're a bitch all day.
Your fav. movie is the Titanic.
SHow is friends.
Your favorite person is your dad.
You love old family hand me downs.
Most of everything you get is a hand me down.
Right now.
You are listening to music.
You hear people talking.
Someone is pissing you off as you speak..
YOuve heard prolly 25 lies from one person today.
You are trying to get your way.
You want a cigarettes but you just had one.
YOur kitchen is a mess!
You have heartburn.
You are aggarvated.
farted in public.
had sex in public.
laughed so hard you peed.
cried so hard you threw up.
OK one more.
Would it be SO bad to be like me???
BYe now.