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Author: meagankristi
Created: June 21, 2012
Taken: 223 times
Rated: PG

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Are we alike? True or false. :D

Created by meagankristi and taken 223 times on Bzoink
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You are female.
You are afraid of growing up.
You are more introverted than extroverted.
You love vanilla-scented things.
You write journals.
You love owls.
You are 18 years old.
You love photography.
You are a decent singer.
You have a Tumblr.
You are addicted to Tumblr.
You are addicted to the internet in general.
You are straight.
...But you wouldn't mind experimenting with your own gender.
You love surveys and questions.
You love peanut butter.
Reese's is the best candy.
You have lived abroad.
You have dark hair.
You have dark eyes.
You are pale.
You prefer being pale to tanning.
Psychology is very interesting to you.
You love sushi.
Asian food is the best.
Spelling and grammar are important to you.
You hate licorice.
You speak more than one language.
You love Adventure Time.
The Office is your favorite show.
You are in a relationship.
You have never smoked before.
You have no tattoos.
You are American.
You dislike exercising.
You have graduated high school.
Food is wonderful.
So is sleep.
When you're at home, you rarely wear pants.
You have a bracelet that you keep on all the time.
You get stressed out easily.
Organization is important to you.
Your room is usually clean.
You drink a lot of water.
You don't drink a lot of soda.
You own a cat.
You own a dog.
You have lived in over five homes.
Your best subject in school is English.
You have never had a job.
You have traveled a lot.
You keep your distance from most people.
You prefer to have few close friends rather than a large group of friends.
You are not a big partyer.
You live by a mall.
You prefer sweet snacks to salty snacks.
Other people easily annoy you.
You think Asian babies are the cutest babies.
You would love to spend some of your life living in Japan.
Being open-minded and cultured is important to you.
You are in an interracial relationship.
You are sexually active.
You went through a "goth" phase when you were younger.
Eye makeup is the most important makeup for you.
You procrastinate a lot.
You have a very close relationship with your parents.
You have a younger sibling.
You want two kids when you grow up.
You get easily attached to things and people.
You are quite emotional.
You have multiple best friends.
Your significant other is one of your best friends.
There are people in your life that you want to keep in your life forever.
Life has generally been good for you.
Your family is the part of your life with which you are the most happy.
You are not very assertive.
Instead, you are passive-aggressive and sarcastic.
You love solitude.
Books make you happy.
You are very interested in people, you just don't usually like them.