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Author: sheslikethewind-28
Created: June 11, 2012
Taken: 107 times
Rated: PG

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I don't really care .

Created by sheslikethewind-28 and taken 107 times on Bzoink
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First off, what do you hear?
Do you have multiple best friends?
Are you single or taken?
How long was your last relationship?
Are you overall pretty happy right now?
Do you own an iPod?
Who's the last person to text you?
What's your last outgoing text?
What do your friends usually call you?
What color hair do you have?
What's your favorite instrument? Whether you can play it or not.
How often do you listen to music?
Do you like music as much as you like your friends?
Do you like Ke$ha?
Are your parents still together?
Have you ever kissed a girl?
Have you ever been cheated on?
What is your "type"?
What are your favorite shoes that you own?
Is anything bothering you right now?
Are you religious?
Are you a nice person?
When was the last time you sneaked out the house?
Have you ever made someone your everything?
Have you kissed the last person you texted?
Would you date someone right now if they asked?
Are you starting to realize anything?
What does the 10th text in your inbox say?
Are relationships hard?
Last person you had a deep conversation with?
Who do you usually talk to if you're feeling down?
Do you have any ex's that you can still trust?
Do you ever pray to God?
Do you get jealous in relationships?
The last person you kissed, is he/she amazing?
Could you ever forgive your best friend for sleeping with your boyfriend?
Are there things that happened in the past that you hate talking about?
Do you think guys that wear make up are sexy?
Do you think you have pretty smile?
How about eyes?
Are you for or against gay marriage?
Do you still talk to your ex?
Name a lyric of the song you're listening to now:
Have you ever kissed someone that was high?
Does your mom think you're a virgin?
Right now, would you rather have sex or get high?
If you were pregnant, who would you tell first?
Who's your most recent ex?
Has anyone ever told you they wouldn't leave, then left?
Can money buy happiness?