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Author: bluedolphin74
Created: April 27, 2012
Taken: 111 times
Rated: G

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Very Random!!

Created by bluedolphin74 and taken 111 times on Bzoink
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Do u have a webcam?
What is the name brand of your digital camera?
Do u have dial up or high speed Internet?
Do u have a laptop or desktop?
Do u like Spree candy?
What do u drive?
Do u have a pool?
What's your fave alcoholic beverage?
Last time u got roses?
Do u own rolling luggage?
Do u top your Christmas tree with an angel,star or big ribbon?
Where will u be on Saturday?
What kind of coffee do u drink?
What color is your vacuuem cleaner?
What is a bad habit u have?
Do u have any bay windows where u live?
Whate state do u live in?
What color are your toenails/fingernails?
What did u have for breakfast?
What are u eating right now?
Do u have a stering wheel cover? If so what is on it or what color is it?
Have u ever had poison ivy?
Do u own a wooden back scratcher?
Ever been in a tanning bed?
What color is your toothbrush?
Where are your parents?
What are u doing tomorrow?
Do u have a karoke machine?
Is your driveway paved or just gravel?
Do u own a lava lamp?
Do u have a garbage disposal in your kitchen?
What did u have for dinner last night?
Do u have a dishwasher?
Do u own a telescope?
Ever had mono/strept throat?
How often do u floss your teeth?
Do any of your friends drive a Honda?
Did u make your bed this morning?
Fave Sound?
Fave Lingerie brand?
flip flops or Crocs?
What's something alot of people don't know about you?
Fave Soup?
Fave thing to do?
Can u eat with chopsticks?
Been to the movies lately?
Last drink u had?
Last pill u took?
Last place u went?
cottoncandy or funnel cake?
What color are the walls in your bedroom?
Type of ice u prefer?
Who is the last person in your family to die?
Fave Game Show?
What is the first thing you do with your paycheck?
Fave grocery store?
Fave Video Game System?
Do u live in the city or country?
How many bedrooms does your house have?
How many bathrooms does your house have?
What is the last homemade food u made?
When did u last take a bubble bath?
Do u own a leather jacket?
Do have pets? If so what are their names?
Do u go to church?
Do u have Asthma?
Fave tree?
Fave flower?
Fave sea animal?
Fave farm animal?
Fave zoo animal?
Fave Scents?
Fave meat?
Fave seafood?
Fave veggie?
Fave fruit?
Fave Restaurants?
Fave places to shop?
Fave cheese?
Fave thing in the sky?
Fave horror movie?
Fave Chick flick?
Fave soda?
Fave TV Channel?
Fave magazine?
Fave Season?
Fave Holiday?
Fave Month?
Fave Time of day?
Fave seashell?
Fave Beach?
Do u own an electric blanket?
Ever caught an oven mitt on fire?
Ever used the term"Whoa Nelly"?
What's the best thing about Summer?
How many people live in your house including you?
Fave place on earth?
Do u prefer napkins or paper towels?
Do u sleep in on weekends?
Are u a heavy sweater?
Do u use the self checkout in stores?
Ever drank white chocolate hot cocoa?
Fave eating utensil?
Name 5 things in your fridge
Name 1 cool thing about your kitchen.
Do u recycle?
What salon do u go to?
Do u have oily or dry skin?
Fave salad dressing?
Have u ever saved a persons life?
Do u watch Animal Planet?
What do u hear?
Fave piece of furniture in your house?
Do u buy souveniers on vacation?
Do u have an alarm system on your house/car?
Are u spoiled?
Last thing u bought?
What would I find in your purse?
Crayola or Roseart?
Fave flavor of poptarts?
Do u wear toe rings?
Who is your car insurance provider?
Do black widow spiders freak u out?
Fave Christmas movie?
Do u have shower curtains or shower doors?
Do u put on body lotion after your shower/bath?
What color is your sofa?
Color of your fave soap?
Name brand of tea u drink?
Describe your shower curtain.
What's your ideal indoor temperature?
Does your bedroom have a theme? if so what?
Where do u buy your tennis shoes?
Are u a pack rat?
What cylinder is your vehicle?
What do u do at the beach?
Are u a flip flop lover?
Namebrand of dishwashing liquid u use?
Describe your fave beachtowel.
Are u livin la vida loco?
What color was the last beverage u drank?
When is your birthday?
Do u hold grudges?
How do u like your eggs?
Do u live in a big house?
Do u use dryer sheets?
What are your hobbies?
How do u relax?
Where do u go for some down time?
What size bed do u have?
Type of earrings you're wearing.
Fave mall?
Does your tub have jets?
How many TV's are in your house?