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Author: bluedolphin74
Created: April 25, 2012
Taken: 33 times
Rated: G

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Random Survey II

Created by bluedolphin74 and taken 33 times on Bzoink
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Do u have a membership @ a gym?
Do u know what CTFU means?
Do u have a flat straightening iron?
Do u have a hairdryer?
Do u use whitening strips?
Do u use a razor with cartridges?
Do u have a dildo?
Do u ever use KY Jelly?
Do u have Asthma?
Do u have a firepit?
Do u have a swimming pool?
Fave Rollarcoaster U have ridden?
Do u have a rada detector in your car?
Do u have windchimes on your deck?
What kind of doghouse does your dog have?
Do u use a netti pot when u have sinus drainage?
Ever had viral meningitis?
What do u take for a headache?
Do u have a Tiffany lamp?
Can u turn a backwards flip off the diving board?
Can u turn a frontwards flip on a trampoline?
Do u have Cable,dish or sattelite?
Do u have DSL HS Internet?
Do u have Caller ID?
Do u have a landline?
Do u have an answering machine?
Do u have a smart phone?
Do u have Surround Sound?
Do u have a fireplace?
Do u have a Nintendo Wii?
Do u have a X-Box 360?
Do u have a Nintendo DS Lite/3DS?
Do u enjoy camping in a tent?
Do u have an electric treadmill?
Did u lose a friend to Cancer recently?
Do u have a jacuzzi?
Do u have a Japanese sword?
Do u have a jewelry box?
Are u familiar with the author Karen Kingsbury?
What kind of coffee do u drink?
How do u like your coffee?
Fav place to eat?
Do u have a Jack La Lahne power juicer?
Do u have a flat top stove?
Do u have an above the range microwave?
Do u think Boston Terriers are cute?
Do u have a zero degree turn lawnmower?
Do u have a maid/butler?
Do u have a high effeciency washing machine?
Do u like the TV series Secret Life Of The American Teenager?
Ever watched Intervention?
Do u watch Days Of Our Lives?
Ever played Twister?
Do u eat Yoplait yogurt?
Do u have a zebra print purse?
Do u use Splenda?
Do u like stromboli?
Do u think The Rock-(Dwayne Johnson) is HOT?
Do u have any Bath & Body Works products?
Do u ever eat off fine china?
Ever had a STD?