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Author: bluedolphin74
Created: April 25, 2012
Taken: 36 times
Rated: G

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Random Survey..:)

Created by bluedolphin74 and taken 36 times on Bzoink
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What kind of car do you drive/color?
How old are you?
Namebrand & size of your biggest TV?
Namebrand of your showergel?
What color is your bathrobe?
Ever had a nervoud brreakdown?
Ever had a migraine?
What RX meds do u take & explain what u take each one for?
Ever been served breakfast in bed?
Ever been to a nail salon?
Ever been in a car accident?
Do u have a garage?
Ever had a C-Section?
Surgeries you've had?
Ever been on a Hawaiian cruise?
Do u have a guitar?
Do u drink wine?
Are u freaky in bed?
What are your pets names?
Last 4 movies seen @ the theater?
Last 4 DVD's rented?
Ever been to the zoo?
Ever been to an aquarium?
Are u a good speller?
What is your mom's career?
Are your parents still married?
Do u believe in God?
Do u like cinnamon rolls?
Namebrand of vacuuem cleaner?
Do u have a globe?
Do u keep a diary/journal?
Ever been raped?
Ever been to Niagra Falls?
Ever been on a pontoon?
Do u have a flower/veggie garden?
Fav color of nail polish?
Do u have seasonal allergies?
Do u like Italian shaved ice?
Ever had an ingrown toenail?
Do u believe in Abortion?
Do u like Obama?
Are u preggo?
What are your plans for Summer 2012?
Do u like smores?
Do u have any grey hairs?
Have u ever built a sandcastle on the beach?
Do u like moonlit walks?
Do u live in a mobile home,apartment or house?
Are there exhaust fans in your bathrooms?
Ever had a massage?
What color is your mailbox?
What did u get on your last birthday?
Do u always get a cake on your birthday?
Do u live in a 2-story house?
Do u have Facebook?
Do u drink Dr Pepper?
Ever tried blueberry flavored cream cheese?
Do u have one of those insulated cups?
Do u like boiled pnuts?
Ever been to Carowinds/Six Flags?
Ever been to the Grand Canyon?
Ever eaten Gobstoppers?
Have u seen the movie "October Baby"?
Are u a Christian?