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Author: mcdonaldsislove
Created: April 22, 2012
Taken: 206 times
Rated: G

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When darkness turns to light, it ends tonight. It ends tonight.

Created by mcdonaldsislove and taken 206 times on Bzoink
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do you have a lot of barbecues during the summer?
do you plan on going to the movies soon? to see what?
do you tie your shoes or just tuck in the laces?
What is one present you got for your last birthday?
What is one thing that you took to show and tell as a kid?
Do you remember losing your first tooth?
In the summer would u rather have the windows down or the AC on in the car?
are you itchy anywhere right now?
Have you ever thrown anything at a moving car?
Have you ever been addicted to a game? What game?
What song makes you laugh when you hear it?
do you believe in "the one"?
Do you like maple cookies?
Have you ever volunteered anywhere? where?
are you afraid to pop a balloon?
Name one person you'd like to see this month.
How high do you put the volume while using headphones?
When was the last time you laughed when you shouldn't have?
What would be the worst possible way to be woken up?
which was better: lion king 1 or lion king 2?
Do any of your grandparents have a tattoo?
When was the last time you had a bubble bath?
have you ever had a pet rock?
Do you believe in marriage?
What word do you say way too much?
What do you usually buy when you go to the corner store?
are you currently cold?
do you believe that your pets feel love towards you?
what is a creative way to paint your nails?
does your computer have built in speakers or do you have some plugged in?
bubbles or sidewalk chalk?
What do you use to tell time when your gone out somewhere?
what colour is your alarm clock?
what brand is your TV?
are you proud of your body?
Watermelon or Cherries?
What is your all time favourite song?
Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
What is the band you've listened to most lately?
how much effort do you put into how you look?
Favourite brand of cookies?
what would you do if you found out your mother had killed someone?
If you could meet anyone who lived before your time, who would it be?
Do you pay for your own things?
Have you ever been rushed to the hospital in an ambulance?
Do you think the world is getting worse every year?
Have you ever had a reoccurring dream?
Have you ever gone a day without eating?
How do YOU believe the world & universe started?
What was the topic of the last essay you wrote?
how old were you when you discovered what sex was?
Do you wish you had smaller feet?
Have you ever stuck gum under a desk/chair?
When shopping at a grocery store, do you return your cart or just leave it?
What is one thing you'd never want your parents to find out?
Who is the best cook in your house?
When you were little, did you like Dr. Suess books?
Do you have a 'prized possession'?
Have you ever felt trapped in a relationship?
How many dryer sheets do you put in a load of laundry?
Recommend a good book to me.
What would you consider unforgivable?
When you hear someone talking about lice, does your head start itching?
What would be a clever name for a giraffe?
Are there any items of jewelry you never/rarely take off?
What's something you like to do while you're drunk?
Do you think you deserve more than what you have?
Would you rather give your food to a homeless shelter or money to charity?
Kiss on the neck or kiss on the cheek?
True or False: you this read wrong
Don't you hate when you hit your tooth on your cup trying to get a drink?
Which store would you choose to max out a credit card?
Who has the loudest mouth in your house?
Can you understand shakespear english?
Do you usually buy or make your Halloween costumes?
Do you like eating out at restaurants?
What was your least favorite year of your life so far?
What is the most ridiculous law you ever heard about?
Is your name common?
If you could have any pet in the world, illegal or not, what would you get?
Do you like fried bologna?
How do you act around people you dislike?
Do you like decorating rooms or would you rather have someone else do it ?
Have you ever been to Canada?
have you spent money on a game online?
Are you good at making small talk?
Has someone ever taken something from you that you could never replace?
Are you a fan of tattoos?
Are you bikini ready?
What do you dislike the most about being the gender that you are ?