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Author: marbear09
Created: March 23, 2012
Taken: 28 times
Rated: G

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Do guys know what they have, when they have it?

Created by marbear09 and taken 28 times on Bzoink
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Does your boyfriend send you a good moprning text?
^good night texxt?
When you hold hands, does his go over, or under yours?
Are his eyes the same color as yours?
When did he first tell you he loves you?
Do you kiss often?
Does he ditch his friends just tah go see you?
Do you wear his seatshirts?
Whats his name?
Do you love him?
Does he let you see his phone?
Do you tell eachother everything?
Secrets bout him, got anny?:3
When your in tears, does he care?
Has he ever hit yoou? D:
Does he treat you right? ya sure?
Does he text girls when he's by yoou?
Do you feel like he'd take a bullet for you?
When you tell him you love him, do you mean iit?
Do you haftah grab his hand in order just tah hold hands?
Are you jealous when a pretty girl walks by your boyfriend, and he looks at
Do you kinow what he does when he's not with you?
Has he ever cheated on you?
^ have you ever cheated on hiiimm?
Are you sure he's who you wannah be with?
Do you like when he calls you hot, sexy or beautiful?
Are you self consious around him?
Do you eat around him?
Do you take him everyywherre with yoou?
Are you happy you took this thingy?:D