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Author: lovelypursuit
Created: March 6, 2012
Taken: 110 times
Rated: PG

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I'm the option you shouldn't have chosen.(alike?)

Created by lovelypursuit and taken 110 times on Bzoink
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There is not much in the way of music you couldn't find appreciation for.
You are currently sick.
You really really hate being sick.
French is the language you are learning/have learned in school.
Your have thick lips.
You have clear skin.
You wish you were taller so that you could model.
A tornado recently devastated your area.
You exercise at least five days out of the week for more than an hour.
You watch The River.
You watch The Walking Dead.
Your hair is dark brown.
You're really shit at math.
You're stubborn.
You would consider yourself an opportunist.
You enjoy having nightmares.
You have more lip products than any other sort of cosmetic.
In the way of material items, you get almost everything you want.
You're spoiled.
You need to distance yourself from most people in your life.
You don't like most of the people in your life.
When you're at home, you spend most of your time in your bedroom.
You're in love with a loser.
You lost your virginity in a vehicle of some sort.
You would like to have a pilot's license.
You're still a minor.
You love the brand Obey.
You love the brand Wildfox Couture.
You love to go thrifting.
You love to go shopping.
You are most unhappy in the winter.
Your hands are always /ice/ cold.
You own a lot of decorations that are covered in peace signs.
You shower more than once a day.
The deoderant you most commonly use is Ban.
You smoke weed.
You don't eat anything that comes from an animal.
You love cocumber.
You are considered underweight.
You love Burt's Bees.
There is a candle burning in your room.
You don't smoke cigarettes.
You own something from Juicy Couture.
You own something from Louis Vuitton.
You own something from Dooney & Bourke.
You think it's okay to wear yoga pants to the grocery store.
You have matured a great deal recently.
You hate throwing up more than anything.
Your mother craved peanut butter when she was pregnant with you.
You think tattoos are trashy.
You are not religious or spiritual.
You don't understand the concept of spirituality.
You are not paranoid about your government.
You would like to live in a different state/province than where you live.
You have been expelled from school.
You have been expelled from more than one school.
You have kissed an ex-boyfriend's older brother.
You have been cheated on. Completely.
You have cheated on someone. Completely.
You are attracted to females but you're more attracted to guys.
You have made out with a chick.
You could only see yourself in a serious relationship with a guy.
You have lost a friend to suicide.
You are addicted to the game Draw Something on your iPhone.
You have a small lisp that you hate.
You have a dentist's appointment this week.
You have never had a cavity.
You think it's gross if you don't wash your hair every day.
You like the clothing brands Moosejaw and The North Face.
Every time you go to the mall you must visit American Eagle and Target.
You go to the mall at least once a week.
You get all awkward when a guy you don't know asks for your number.
You have an iPhone 4G and an iPod Touch 4G.
You wish you had an XBOX so you could play Skyrim.
You have a Wii.
You love Zelda games.
You love Mario games.
You love Pokemon games.
You have been taking fashion risks lately.
Your hair is it's natural color.
Your hair lies past your boobies.
You love your boobies.
You're an A cup.
You have pale skin.
You don't think it matters whether being gay is a choice or not.
You don't think bullying should be a big issue.
You're more concerned with children in other countries worrying about their
next meal.
You love movies, film and cinema.
You have a lot of crushes on male celebrities and musicians.
Most of your ex-boyfriends have not had short hair.
You used to tan but you don't anymore.
You have abs.
You don't know how to do much with your hair.
You usually wear your hair straightened, down.
You have friends that work at fast food restaurants.
You live with neither of your parents.
You feel like a lot of people in your life are toxic.
You feel bad for people who are overweight and living in poverty.
You're very fragile.
You're very quiet.
You feed too much off of male attention.
You would feel no shame in running like hell from a physical fight.
You own a pair of pastel colored skinny jeans.
You own a pair of UGGs.
You own a pair of Minnetonkas.
You own a pair of BC Dakotas.
You own a pair of Jeffrey Campbells.
You own a pair of Dolce Vitas.
You want a job. Any job.
All of your grandparents are dead.
You think tight, colorful printed ts with 'cute' characters are tacky.
You're annoyed with people who ask you not to take the Lord's name in vain.
You have stolen currency from a family member.
You have taken alcohol that didn't belong to you.
You have taken marijuana that didn't belong to you.
You have taken prescription pills that didn't belong to you.
You take diet pills.
You love to cuddle.
You're far too vulnerable when it comes to cute members of the opposite sex
You wouldn't date someone who wasn't fit.
You break expensive technological equipment quite frequently.
You watch a lot of the HBO series.
You can get really nasty when you're hurt.
But you are generally the world's most passive-est person.
You use the word 'like' too often.
You like Abercrombie & Fitch better than Hollister Co..
You get annoyed when you hear someone use the term 'prep' in a negative way
You're sick of hearing about things found on Pinterest by your friends.
You compare yourself to every walking creature you encounter.
You've let yourself be used by a hot, popular guy.
Your relationship status has been changing on a daily basis.
You love Belvita breakfast crackers.
Your favorite food is strawberries.
You idolize Johnny Depp.
Your camera is a Nikon.
Most of your electronics are made by Apple if Apple makes it...?
You would be uncomfortable making out with a boy in public.
You love Urban Outfitters.
You love Forever21.
You think Asians are really cute.
You get annoyed when you hear someone making fun of Justin Bieber.
You flirt so much you don't even realize it.
You're not opposed to wearing really short shorts in the summer.
Summers are extremely hot where you live.
You don't have any pets.
You love the colors red and pink together.
Your favorite color is purple.
You love to go on hikes.
You would jog more if you weren't so worried about how you look running.
You enjoy doing laundry.
You enjoy brushing your teeth.
You're very uncoordinated.
You know how to shoot a gun properly.
You love going to a gun range.
You would love to learn archery.
You have been on a volleyball team.
You have been on a softball team.
You have been on a gymnastics team.
You were a Girl Scout.
Your favorite condiment is mustard.
Your straightener is a GHD: Katy Perry's edition.
You live in a college town.
Your ex-boyfriend was an exchange student.
You will, without a doubt, attend and graduate college.
You will never try meth.
You will never try heroin.
You have tried acid.
You have tried shrooms.
You would like to live in a more tropical climate.
You're incapable of being happy in cold weather.
You don't count calories but you always seem to know how much you've had.
You drink mostly water.
You like to dance to songs like Wop and Wobble. (-:
Your favorite animated movie is Despicable Me.
You love everything Disney and Pixar.
You like to watch 'haul' videos on YouTube.
You're subcribed to GlamBag.
You're subcribed to Surf magazine.
You're subscribed to Maixm magazine.
You're subscribed to Spin magazine.
You're subscribed to The Wall Street journal.
You're subcribed to a lot of magazines and things you don't pay for.
You have a flat stomach.
You thoroughly love your body.
You don't feel comfortable wearing a bikini around strangers or in public.
You love to swim!
You babysit younger family members for free on occasion.
You touch your hair a lot.
You love kissing laying down.
You've been to Universal Studios.
You've been to Disney Land.
You've been to a Six Flags.
You've been to a Hard Rock Cafe.
You have never left the country you live in.
You're guilty of gossiping.
You love raunchy adult cartoons (Bob's Burgers, Family Guy, etc.)
You love EpicMealTime.
The Office makes you giggle.
You've read all of The Hunger Games books.
You've read all of the Game of Thrones books.
You've read all of the Sookie Stackhouse series.
You've read all of the Harry Potter books.
You wish you were like, 12, again.
You're getting an apartment in a big city very soon.
You need your partner to be just a bit dominant in a relationship.
You love it when guys pick you up.
You don't believe in any apocalypses.
You think you would, though, enjoy a zombie apocalypse.
You have most of your teacher's cell phone numbers and email addresses.
You wouldn't ever want to date someone younger than you.
You get along really well with middle-aged women in your family.
You love sweet potatos.
You play hide and seek with younger family members.
There is a highway within walking distance of your home.
You're shy if a strange guy in public talks to you.
You look younger than you are.
You are 5'6.
You're mostly happy.
You're always calm.
You have breakdowns when no one's looking.
The flooring in your house is wood.
You could not sleep comfortably in a bed smaller than a queen.
You love hugs.
You think little kids are kind of gross, but you totally love them anyway.