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Author: ohmy
Created: March 5, 2012
Taken: 155 times
Rated: G

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Created by ohmy and taken 155 times on Bzoink
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Do you think you're clever?
Did you wear socks today?
Can you remember how you celebrated your 10th birthday?
Know any magic tricks?
Do you sleep well most nights?
Are your nails painted?
Is there somebody you know that you really don't trust?
Is there music in your head right now?
When's the last time you baked a cake?
What time was it half an hour ago?
Did you ever play cowboys and indians when you were growing up?
When did it last rain?
Would you like to become a dancer?
What colour is the bathroom of your house painted?
Which country is to the north of your home country?
Name one person of the same sex as you you wouldn't mind doing:
Has fate ever come into play during your life?
What is the most gory film you've seen?
Is there anybody that you know that you just feel really sorry for?
Do you like the Austin Powers films?
Where is the worst place you have ever travelled to?
Ever fallen down a hole?
Do you like to read poetry?
What's your preferred frozen snack?
Is rap music over rated?
Do you work better in a clean or messy environment?
Do you know any vegans?
Earphones or headphones?
Do you like bananas?
What's a film you've seen that confused you?
Do you ever wear black lipstick?
Perfume of choice:
You can take any illegal drug without any bad consequences, which one?
What is next to your bed?
Are your fingernails dirty?
What would you change about yourself appearence-wise?
How long do you normally spend in the shower?
When's the last time somebody called you "baby"?
Have you ever had to keep something important from your family?
Don't you think things feel much better after a good cry?
Do you think the UK should keep its monarchy?
True or false: you'd do Mila Kunis
Which colour would you rather have your hair: pink, grey or green?
Don't you just hate the sound of people eating?
What's your favourite music video?
Is it your aim to be perfect?
Ever climbed to the top of a mountain?
Have you ever fell for someone believing you could "fix" them?
Someone's paying for a fancy dinner, where do you eat and who do you take?
Can you honestly say you are truly happy with your life?
Can you paint well?
Describe a picture of yourself that you hate:
If you could keep any animal as a pet, which would you choose?
Something you did in the past that you're embarrassed about:
Do you think that there was any method to Hitler's madness?
Would you rather play a good or an evil character in a play?
Do you like porridge?
Has anybody ever lied to you just to impress you?
Strangest gift you ever received:
Do most people annoy you?
Don't you think you should really be doing something more productive?
Have you ever felt really out of place?
What's your favourite shade of blue?
Do you have any odd phobias?
What's the longest you've gone without sleep?
When was the last time you just wanted to be left alone?
Do you believe in karma?
Can you remember a world before iPods?
What's the most rock and roll thing you've ever done?
When was the last time it was sunny?
Would you like to be photographed by Terry Richardson?
Would you rather have a lazy day or a day of being really busy?
Do you like the way that spoken French sounds?
What's the best film soundtrack?
Where did you go on your last date?
Do people find you "cute"?
Who does the best remixes?
What is most of your money spent on?