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Author: ecpjll
Created: February 23, 2012
Taken: 105 times
Rated: PG

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"It Does Not Do To Dwell On Dreams Harry, And Forget To Live"

Created by ecpjll and taken 105 times on Bzoink
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View Current Survey Results

Which are you more likely to believe are real?
Is there a phone with a chord still in use in your house?
Are you one of the rare people (like me) who doesn\'t own a cell phone?
What color looks better on you?
Have you ever driven a car before?
Have you ever watched an episode of \
You\'ve drawn a picture. What do you use to add some color?
Do you like the taste of beer?
Were you born in the 1980s?
Did you have a special teddy bear or stuffed animal as a kid?
Were you born in the United States?
Did you watch Sesame Street as a kid?
Do you have a favorite piece of clothing?
Are there any plants in your room?
Has anyone ever called you ugly to your face?
Has anyone ever called you beautiful to your face?
Is the ground where you live covered with snow right now?
What time of day is it right now, where you live?
What flower would you prefer to have at your wedding?
If you could start your life over & live it differently, would you?
Do you own any hair elastics?
Would you ever go bungee jumping?
Do you like Pizza Pockets?
Have you ever been someone's maid of honor or best man?
Have you ever made a racist comment to someone?(be honest)
Did you go to church every Christmas eve as a kid?
Do you prefer The Simpsons over Family Guy?
Have you ever cooked a whole turkey dinner?
Are your ears pierced?
Have you ever watched a black & white TV show or movie?
Did your family ever own an old TV with dials to change the channels?
What color is your house?
Do you wear jeans pretty much everyday?
Do you wear pastel colors?
Do you have a candle going somewhere in your house right now?
Do you know what the word
Do you wear belts alot?
Do you own any teddy bears?
Have you ever been put to sleep for surgery?
How many cavities have you had in your life?
Have you ever had a graduation photo taken?(from graduating anything)
Have you ever been in someone's wedding photos?
Do you own a pair of sunglasses you actually wear?
Do you wear flip flops in the summer?
Are most of your socks white?
Do your parents have photos of you everywhere?
Do you visit Youtube everyday?
Was your mom born in the 1960s?
Was your dad born in the 1950s?
Are any of your great-grandparents still alive?
Have you ever been to a restaurant where u needed reservations?
Are you afraid to go near bodies of water?(afraid of drowning)
Do you carry a purse everywhere you go?
Do you need a really warm winter coat where you live?
If you ever go completely gray, will you dye your hair?
Could you take a nap right now?
Have you ever tried psychedelic mushrooms?
Did your mom pick out your clothes everyday when you were little?
Do you pray before bed every-night?
Do you want to get married someday?