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Author: ecpjll
Created: February 21, 2012
Taken: 439 times
Rated: PG

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Random Questions For You

Created by ecpjll and taken 439 times on Bzoink
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How old are you?
Do you live in North America?
Do you love dogs?
Were you finished childhood and teens when Harry Potter movies came out?
Did you keep all your VHS tapes?
Do you think Jack Nicholson is a good actor?
Have you ever watched an episode of "The Honeymooners"?
Have you ever owned a pair of high-top Converse?
Do you have rain boots with a cute pattern on them?
Would you rather eat an apple or an orange right now?
Would you rather do a cartwheel on land or a backflip in water?
Have you ever performed on stage in front of people?
Were you kinda scared of the goths in high school?
What size is your mattress?(single,twin,double,queen,king)
Do you eat foods from all 4 food groups everyday?
Do you sleep in PJs?
Do you prefer watching TV or listening to music?
Would you rather watch a movie in theatre or at home?
Do you prefer brown or white rice?
Do you like spaghetti?
What about lasagna?
Do you celebrate Christmas?
Is your Thanksgiving celebrated in October too?
Do you like chocolate bars?
what about ice cream?
Have you ever been stung by anything?What was it?
Do you get tired easily?
Or do you always have plenty of energy to spare?
Have you ever done volunteer work?Where?
What about court-ordered community service?
Have you ever worn contacts?(even just to try them out)
Would you wear contacts on a daily basis?
Are your ears pierced?How many times?
Do you have GOD-GIVEN(not dyed) natural brown hair too?
Or were you born blonde?
Have you found a gray hair on your head or body before?
Have you ever had any suspicious moles removed?
Have you ever been screened for STDs?
Are all your wisdom teeth pulled?
Did you have your tonsils taken out?
Did you have your appendix taken out?
How many kidneys do you have?(have you donated one?)
Would you(to save someone)?^^^
If you were dying of starvation, would you eat another human?
Have you ever found a bug or slug in your salad?
Do you like Harry Potter?
What about Twilight?
How do you feel about Lord of the rings?
Are you going to see 'The Hobbit' when it comes out?
Do you have a glass that says 'Molson Canadian' on it?
Do you have any collector's glasses or cups or mugs?
Would you rather havea white fridge or a black fridge or a stainless steel
What size shoe do you wear?
Do you have a wide foot or a narrow foot or just average?
Do you bite your nails when you're stressed?
Do you have to take an allergy pill daily in order to live normally?
Are you on the birth control pill?
Or are you trying to get pregnant?
You'd rather wear black sneakers or sneakers in a bright color or pattern?
Has anyone ever told you they were attracted to you?
Can you swim well in water way above your head?
or do you tire easily or panic in water way above your head?
Are you afraid of thunder & lightening?
Have you ever expierenced an earthquake?
What about a tornado?
Are you closer to your dad?(more so than your mom)
Were you your parents' first born?
Do you have a child?
Is the father still with you?
Did you trade stickers at recess when you were a kid?
How old were you when you had your first crush?
Do you remember thier name?
Can you even remember what the hell they looked like?
Have you ever operated any type of motorized vehicle before?
Are you going to drink alcohol tonight?
Have you ever heard of the Canadian kids show called "Mr.Dressup"?
What about the kids show "Fred Penner's Place"?
Did you hate Sesame Street when you were little too?
Were you born perfectly healthy or with some(or alot) of health issues?
What are those 'said' health issues?
Do you collect DVDs?
Do you download music?
Or do you still go to stores and buy CDs?
Did you skip(jumo-rope) alot as a kid?
Did you ever catch any bugs or insects with your friends as a kid?
Didn't you just LOVE art class in elementary school?!
Have you ever played dodgeball?
What about Red Rover?
Have you ever played "What time is it mr.wolf?"?
Were there any questions above that you have never been asked before?