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Author: lovelypursuit
Created: February 20, 2012
Taken: 83 times
Rated: G

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It isn't pretty but it works. No, it's not sharp but it still hurts.

Created by lovelypursuit and taken 83 times on Bzoink
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Do you like oatmeal raisin cookies?
Which smells better - Pez or Play-Doh?
Does your hair reach your boobs?
When are you having spring break?
And how will you be spending that time?
Have you ever had a crush on celebrity no one knew about?
Do you have a Roku?
What's something that fills you with anxiety?
Do you like Anthony Green or Jack White?
Do you think you're attractive?
Do you drink coffee on a daily basis?
Do you have strict parents or are they more chill?
At what age did you move out of your parents? (or what age will you?)
What age do you think is too old to still live with your parents?
Do you think Clinton Kelly looks like a less scruffy Bradley Cooper?
Do you always download the free songs on iTunes?
Have you ever loved a boy who was dating some other girl?
Is your hair all the same color?
Have you ever tie dyed anything?
Do you know anyone who says 'wow' a lot?
Have you ever watched Bob's Burgers?
How many cardigans do you own?
Denim, leather or varsity jacket?
Has a teacher ever caught and read a note you were passing in class?
Do you know anyone who is afraid of horses?
What's your favorite perfume that you own?
Do you clean things that are already clean when you're bored?
How did you spend Valentine's Day?
Do you get President's Day off at your school?
What would you do if an ex-boyfriend started using one of your besties?
Would you rather live in a tropical or arctic climate?
What is the last thing you took that wasn't yours?
Do you have an older brother?
What do you do when someone overweight complains about being overweight?
Is there any Irish, Scottish, or Danish in your heritage?
Do you find Asians attractive?
Is it racist to ask if a specific race is attractive or not to someone?
Have either of your parents ever been to jail?
Have you ever been to jail?
Keep Calm and Carry On or Screw Calm and Get Angry?
Do you think Urban Outfitters is overpriced?
Are your colarbones prominent?
Have you heard about the Alyssa Bustamante case?
Have you ever in your life worn overalls?
How did you react when you heard Whitney Houston had died?
Do you love yourself?
What is the brand of desktop/laptop you're on right now?
Are there any words you don't usually pronounce correctly?
Do you think Helena Bonham Carter is attractive?
Would you rather listen to Dolly Parton or Dusty Springfield?
Are you watching The Walking Dead this season?
What TV shows do you keep up with?
Are you a light sleeper?
Have you ever forgiven a cheater?
Would you consider cuddling cheating?
What does the purse/bag you last used look like?
Would you wear heeled/wedged oxfords?
Do you own a blazer?
Gunmetal, cooper, silver, or gold?
When's the last time it snowed where you live?
Can you make a clover with your tongue?
What's your favorite coffee brand/flavor?
Have you ever made out with a firecrotch?
Do you listen to The Story So Far or Balance and Composure?
Is your belly button pierced?