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About This Survey

Author: carwii
Created: February 13, 2012
Taken: 125 times
Rated: R

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we'll stumble home after midnight, sleep arm and arm in the stairwell

Created by carwii and taken 125 times on Bzoink
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the basics.
current age:
birth place:
current home location:
school level:
body type:
are you currently trying to change that:
eye color:
if you could get colored contacts, what color:
hair color:
do you dye it:
clothing style:
favorite clothing store:
education and life.
do you want to go to college, or are you in it:
what do you want to be your major:
what do you want your career to be:
do you have a job currently:
would you want to have a cubicle job:
what has been your favorite school:
favorite school mascot:
what subject is your favorite:
what subject were you worst at:
are you artistic:
are you a good student:
favorite teacher:
love life.
single or taken:
sexual orientation:
when did you lose your virginity/when do you want to:
do you watch porn:
do you prefer kisses or hugs:
how do you feel about friends with benefits:
longest relationship:
worst breakup:
perfect date:
favorite sexual position:
do you have a type:
rough or gentle:
are you a romantic:
breakfast meal:
food to cook:
spaghetti topping:
pizza topping:
cosmetic item:
method of travel:
tv show:
tv channel:
stuffed animal:
cartoon character:
children's show:
current song:
band/musical artist:
movie genre:
have you ever.
lied and wondered why you did that:
gotten caught having sex:
failed a class:
gone ice skating:
swam in the ocean:
been on a school sports team:
done community service:
been arrested:
blacked out from drinking:
snorted anything:
taken prescription drugs that weren't yours:
had a sexually transmitted disease:
had a threesome:
had a sex dream:
had a pregnancy scare:
created a website:
kept a journal:
skipped school to play a video game:
celebrated a pet's birthday:
dressed like the opposite sex:
hurt yourself intentionally:
been addicted to something:
what happens after death:
stance on abortion:
stance on gay marriage:
stance on politics:
stance on government:
where would you most like to visit:
one thing you need to do before you die:
if you had access to a time machine, would you use it & where would you go:
which superpower would you most like to have:
would you rather your toys talk or your pets talk:
if there had to be one type of weather year round, what would you make it:
where would you like to live:
what possession do you hope you never lose:
do you wish on shooting stars:
do you wish on eyelashes:
what is your opinion on.
lady gaga:
nude modeling:
plastic surgery:
some random things i forgot.
are you a bar rat:
what is your favorite cellphone game:
would you rather have a segway or a vespa:
did you go through an anime phase:
if you could be fluent in any other language, which would you choose:
what food do you wish you could make:
which reality show would you most like to be on:
would you rather be completely nocturnal or have to be in bed at 6pm:
which toy story character would you most like to own:
if you had a robot, what would it's function be:
how many children do you want to have:
which era do you think you would enjoy to live in most:
what country do you think you would fit into the best besides your own:
what is your ethical background:
did you actually read all the books you were assigned in school:
how long does it take you to get ready to go out:
what is your favorite item of clothing:
do you prefer to write in pen or pencil:
is your house clean:
would you prefer a heater or an air conditioner:
how many pillows do you sleep with:
celebrity crush:
fame or fortune:
are you good at giving presents:
do you like crafts:
do you know how to make lanyards:
how about friendship bracelets:
have you ever made a shrinky dink:
strangest place you've had sex:
any daily medications:
favorite summer memory:
buy pre-made cards or make your own:
if you had to get a plastic surgery, what would you get: