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Author: ecpjll
Created: February 9, 2012
Taken: 162 times
Rated: PG

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True or False?

Created by ecpjll and taken 162 times on Bzoink
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View Current Survey Results

You are a teenager.
You try your absolute best in school.
You wish you were born in another decade than the one you were born in.
You consider yourself unique-you don't follow trends ever.
You love Christmas.
You are not religious.
You love to wear make-up.
You are male.
You shave your legs at least once a week.
You think you're fat/chubby.
You think you are better looking than alot of people.
You've had to wear braces before.
You have freckles all over your body.
You have a ring you wear that you NEVER take off.
You were born before 1985.
You are hungry right now.
You have tried alcohol before.
You want to learn to cook better.
You have no idea what you want to do with your life(career-wise).
You were born after 1990.
You care about clothing brands.
You know how to make your own clothes.
You hate pepperonni on your pizza.
You don't like the way nicotine make you feel at all.
You've almost passed out after smoking a cigarette before.
You are in love right now.
You are scared of how your future may turn out.
You prefer green over red.
You prefer white over black.
You prefer pink over blue.
You don't remember having a friend before the age of 5.
You have anger issues.
You have self-esteem issues.
You don't care for ice cream.
You prefer spicy food over any sweet food.
You prefer fruit to vegetables.
You hate Harry Potter everything.
You like Kristen Stewart's personality, but hate the roles she picks.
You don't think Emma Watson is pretty at all.
You can watch episodes of your fave shows over & over.
You hate going to the theatre to see a movie.
When you were a kid you'd cut a lemon in half and suck on it.
When you were a kid you put a little salt on apples as you ate them.
You love ketchup & cheese sandwiches.
You love fried egg and mustard sandwiches(toasted).
You've only recieved 2 roses at a time, never a bouquet.
You have at least one pet.
You share your room with someone.(human-not pet)
You have your own computer.
You don't see what is so great about Chinese food.
But you love Mexican food.
You've forgotten someone's(who's important 2 u) birthday before.
You've already had your first kiss.
You've had to repeat a grade.
You've been punished for bad grades.
You shoplifted as a kid/young teen.
You had to return what you stole to the store & apologize.
Mall security guards caught you shoplifting and banned you from the mall.
You wore alot of neon as a kid(in the late 80s/early 90s).
You have owned a pair of acid-wash jeans in your life.
You have owned a pair of New Kids on the Block neon slippers.
You owned a sweater with MC Hammer on it.
You owned a rainbow belt as a kid with Punky Brewster on the belt buckle.
You got a haircut once that got you made fun of.
You love anything plaid.
You love garlic.
You hate shows like Gossip Girl,Vampire Diaries,aka stupid shows.
You don't have a driver's license.
You love hiking in the woods.
You'd rather elope than have any guests what-so-ever at your wedding.
You've thought of suicide before.
You've stepped in dog shit before.
You've stepped in horse shit before.
You've stepped in deer shit before.
You've stepped in bear shit before.
A seagull shit on you before.
You've been stung by a bee.
You've been bit by a horsefly.
You love tomato salad.
You've used Mr.Sketch's scented markers before.
You can draw well.
You could hula-hoop really good as a kid.
You had a treehouse growing up.
You built a whole snow-fort before.
You've built a whole sandcastle before.
You've built a snow-man before.
You feel like a loser.
You can't tie a balloon.
People call you funny/hilarious all the time.
You own alot of liquor logo glasses.(you got free with beer)