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Author: theusername
Created: February 3, 2012
Taken: 61 times
Rated: G

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Are you Like me?

Created by theusername and taken 61 times on Bzoink
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You have Brown Eyes
Your a Boy
Your Name Starts with O
You have a 2 Story House
Your in 6th Grade
You have Brown Hair
You are Weird But Funny
You want to be famous one Day
You smile Most of the Time
You're almost always happy
You have a ton of Friends
You haven't rode on your first Loop Rollercoaster
You are 10-12 Years Old
You love to Sing
Your favorite Singer is Lady Gaga
You get annoyed easily
You get angry easily
You love to collect stuffed animals
You hate school
You love afterschool Activites
You think your teachers are ok
You like to dance
You love to act
You have only had 2 girlfriends so far... :(
You Love Waterparks
You love to ski
You don't know how to snowboard
You want around 3 kids
You like dogs
You don\'t like cats
Your favorite animal is a Panda
you want to go to France
You want to go to Italy
You only have a brother
So... Are we alike?