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Author: skiesofsunshine
Created: February 3, 2012
Taken: 485 times
Rated: PG

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I Should Choose To Believe, That A Little Hope Should Do The Trick ( Long, Have you Ever )

Created by skiesofsunshine and taken 485 times on Bzoink
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Are You Ready?! Have You Ever...
Been on an airplane
Ridden a horse
Had the swine flu
Been bitten by a cat
Been bitten by a dog
Went swimming in the ocean
Went on a camping trip in the woods
Lost your cell phone
Worked in fast food
Lost someone close to you
Betrayed a best friend
Been cheated on
Lied to your family
Kissed someone of the same gender
Had sex
Been in a wedding
Been out of the country
Went to a concert
Met someone famous
Thrown up in public
Peed your pants in public
Been to a funeral
Been drunk
Gotten high on anything
Taken prescription pills that weren't yours
Smoked weed
Smoked cigarettes
Broken the law
Downloading music illegally
Been arrested
Been in jail
Been suspended from school/work
Gotten fired from a job
Gotten detention
Failed a test
Failed a class
Been bullied
Bullied someone else
Stereotyped someone
Been in a play
Sang in a musical
Played on a sports team
Counted to a 1000
Been in a spelling bee
Taken a walk in the park
Practiced meditation
Had a nervous breakdown
Broken a bone
Been to the emergency room
Dressed up for Halloween
Stayed in the hospital for at least 4 days
Had a near death experience
Been to an art museum
Been to the zoo
Spent more than 5 hours straight online
Spent more than 5 hours straight watching TV
Stolen something from a friend
Stolen something from a store
Spent more than 500 dollars on one shopping trip
Been to a New Years party
Been on a roller coaster
Been hit by a car
Gotten a tattoo
Gotten a piercing
Broken someones heart
Had your heart broken
Cheated on someone
Had someone cheat on you
Been in a physical fight
Gotten into a facebook fight
Felt alone in the world
Made a snow angel
Built a snowman
Painted a self portrait
Been to an opera
Cried yourself to sleep
Made a survey on here
Been in a car accident
Tried to get revenge on someone
Tried a dating website
Forgotten the password to something important
Taken an honors class in school
Been in a hurricane
Written a story from start to finish
Had dreams of being a singer
Broken something with a hammer
Counted sheep to help you sleep
Tried to get on someones nerves on purpose
Been afraid to tell someone how you feel
Had your phone taken by your parents
Had a pet hamster
Tried to learn another language
Been so happy that you cried
Won the lottery
Went on a long road trip
Thought about suicide
Given birth
Been pregnant
Gotten into a fight with a family member
Been in a beauty pageant
Gotten a computer virus
Been told you're worthless
Done something and regretted it a second after
Forgotten your own birthday
Made a prank phone call
Jumped in a trampoline
Stayed over for over 2 days straight
Been to therapy
Lied to someone about your age
Went on a diet
Been to the gym
Hated yourself
Cheated on a test
Sabotaged a relationship
Read all of the Harry Potter books
Lived on a farm
Kissed a stranger
Flashed someone
Sang at karaoke
Visited Japan
Protested something
Ran away from home
Lost a pet
Been told you're fat
Gotten a cavity filled
Had braces
Spent over 3 hours on your hair
Been in a photoshoot
Cooked a full course dinner
Been to the Mall of America
Seen the great wall of China
Been to church
Been in a graduation ceremoney
Eaten a bug
Written your own song
Written your own will
Lied to the police
Been to court
Baked your own cookies
Watched a whole season of a TV show in one night
Been on a commercial
Auditioned for a talent competition
Went a week without showering
Thought you were cursed by someone
Changed your religion
Dyed your hair more than 2 times in a week
Went over a month without shaving
Done something gross that you wouldn't admit to anyone
Been called cheap
Painted your nails
Had a professional makeover
Went parasailing
Been surfing
Been ice skating
Went to a roller skating rink
Been to an amusement park
Sat through the same movie twice at the movie theatre
Won anything in a sweepstakes
Wanted to go back to the past
Been told you were ugly
Ran in a marathon
Been in a tanning bed
Tried to learn to play an instrument
Wanted to change your name