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Author: jasminetheblondie
Created: February 3, 2012
Taken: 53 times
Rated: PG

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Good God , Your Cominq Up With Reasons! Good God , Your Draqqin It Out!

Created by jasminetheblondie and taken 53 times on Bzoink
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View Current Survey Results

This Or That?
Doqs Or Cats?
Spiders Or Snakes?
Love Or Sex?
Pink Or Blue?
DrPepper Or Mountain Dew?
Hot Or Cold?
Jacob Or Edward?
Jeans Or Shorts?
Sweaters Or TShirts?
Day Or Niqht?
Late At Niqht Or Early Morninq?
Kindle Fire Or iPad?
Textinq Or Talkinq?
Couch Or Bed?
True Or False(:
Your A Virqin .
You Like Justin Bieber .
You Have A Pet .
Your A Loner .
You Like Pizza
Your 15 Or Older
You Like Country Music
You Have One Or More Pair Of DC's
You Have A Child
If False , You Want Children ,
Your In HiqhSchool
You Live In The Country
You Love You Veqtibles
You Own A Computer Of Your Own
Random? i Thinkk So (:
Favorite soda , Out Of These?
Do You Have A Cell Phone?
Do You Have Your Own Room?
Do You Have Or Want Any Peircinqs?
Do You Have Or Want Any Tattoos?
You Are ..
You Are (Out Of These)
Do You Like Swimminq?
Favorite Girl Sinqer , Out Of These .
Favorite Guy Sinqer , Out Of These
Do You Like Rihanna?
Favorite Girl Name , Out Of These
Favorite Guy Name , Out Of These
Do You Like Hollister?